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BMORC 6 + 6 male 3's 4th place

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By Ian_A - Posted on 01 December 2014

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Just a few quick points from the weekends race;
- Team BMORC re-grouped for the first time in 12 months, around the anniversary of one member nearly dying in a car accident.
- I got sick on the Thursday before the race and struggled all weekend but still managed some OK times. I popped a Sudafed each day so I guess I'm a drug cheat according to the new banned list.
- The solo 24 riders were sent off first which made our opening lap interesting to say the least - at least I got to chat to Gazza most of the way around.
- Self seeding still doesn't work - if you're fastest lap is over 32min then you have no place standing on the front line in your fluoro jersey (you know who you are.....).
- Team BMORC were battling Ride Ettalong (funnily enough, the team that came 2nd to the team I was on for the Mont...) for 3rd place from the get go with Kidsons racing leading and Gazza's BH team, featuring Gordo, holding a close 2nd. We swapped position with Ettalong numerous times throughout the race with myself lapping slightly faster than their 1st rider but their 2nd rider lapping slightly faster than ours.
- We were looking good after our first round of laps on the Sunday after I managed a sub 30 lap and our other 2 riders put in their fastest laps but Ettalong managed to claw our lead back and take us out in the end.
- Backing up on the Sunday after smashing your legs on the Saturday really hurts - I think this race hurt more than any race I've done before.
- Those solo riders are insane.
- Props to Big Steve for battling through a tough one.

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And you said I'd be faster than you???
Some good lap times there Mate considering you were sick???
As you can tell by our laps, Dave was crook in our team and I really felt those extra laps.
It was a hard course and can't imagine what the solo riders must have been going through?
Well done!

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Well done. Great result

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Nice work. Rydal 3hr double header this weekend?

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Cheers Brian, it's a pretty cruisy format the 6+6 in a team but it still hurt.
Thanks Gazza - you did more laps than me though, my lap times would have started dropping pretty significantly in that heat.
@ Flynny - I really wanted to come out for this but I'm up the coast Saturday arvo/evening for my best mates sons 1st birthday; they're flying down from North QLD so I really want to be there. The Sun 8am race is a possibility though - I do have my old mans 70th that night but I should be able to make it down to Sydney by 5ish after racing. Is there any on the day rego?

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