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Jumping into the deep end

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By Bize - Posted on 18 May 2015

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WSMTB 4hr Summer Series Rnd 3
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So I've owned my bike for nearly a month and I'm enjoying it so much I decide I should give racing ago. So what do I do? I enter an endurance race, 4 hour Solo. My friends tell me I'm crazy, but my thinking was I don't have to ride it like a "race". I can stop between laps and rest if I want. Hell, I can just do one lap and I'm done, if need be.

I had had the forethought and time to actually ride a lap of Wylde a week prior to the race and loved it. Lap one of the race however was a totally different track. . . covered in sticky wet clay. When I finally finished the first lap I headed straight to the bike cleaning area to find out so had everyone else.

Lap 2 was completely different. The track was basically dry, but I was throwing the chain continuously. When I finished I got the guys at Bikeminded to have a look at it and it turns out all the mud had blown out the front derailleur cage. They sorted this out for me so I could get back to the race.

I went to my "pit" and contemplated finishing up for the day. I was tired, the mud and then the chain issue had worn me down too. I had something to eat and there was still an hour for the cut off. . . So I decided to attempt another lap. I was happy I did this, as I managed to complete it and I couldn't be disappointed with 3 laps for my first race attempt ever.

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