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More Info on the Destruction of Chicken Run Trails by the Crown

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By moggio - Posted on 23 June 2015

Crown Land Sign at Chicken RunCrown Lands returned my call and openly answered my questions.

Firstly the trigger for this was complaints from local residents. I asked whether these were reported by council and his reply was to paraphrase in incredulity "why would council do that, its not their land to manage. No, it was local residents to us". Complaints were primarily about damage to the area, trees being chopped down etc

Further a claim on the land has also recently been granted by the Land Council, so maybe this actually made them act upon the complaints?

He also warned that builders should not build there anymore in case they are caught because Crown Lands would want to prosecute. Obviously I don't know how real this threat is.

Sadly the result is a terrible outcome which is likely to have ramifications elsewhere.

I should add that BMORC and BMCC have worked hard to establish good working communications which would be detrimental if they were eroded. BMCC have shown that they actively consult with key contacts before acting on complaints and determining their response. I can assure you this has resulted in a very different result for the BM trails than if this relationship didn't exist and this goes way beyond Knapsack.

Chicken Run Destruction

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