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A successful July 11th Build Day!

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By moggio - Posted on 12 July 2015

Packing up and moving to the next section

A pretty successful day with just the regrouped XC A-Team working on the XC with fury to get the whole trail through. Lots of vegetation to remove with the Bush Doctors and as its mostly weed we had more options to really optimise the trail line for flow and "kinesthetic" movement. Chuck excelled at being a drill sergeant and yelling at us all to work harder and faster.

Next build day will be refining the tread of the trail as well as rock work on armouring and for a large rollover near the end.

Check out the gallery here

The DH guys worked on the section again above Lover's Walk as well as rock work further down. Unfortunately I was too exhausted to walk up and have a look at the end of the day.

We will post through the dates of the next few build days when they are locked in.

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Hey guys, should we share this article on Facebook to entice others to re-join or join the next build days?

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Its kind of up there... in a clumsy manner. I can't post pics to the facebook, so maybe I will need to reluctantly get access so I can do so.

I think we also need to start getting an email list to alert prospective builders who have shown interest of when build days come along.

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Perhaps Tim can share some of the photos on Facebook via BMORC Facebook page

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I agree we need more Facebook content, people seem to be going there as the first port of call.

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