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Shimano MTB GP 2015 Round 3

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By Bize - Posted on 16 August 2015

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Category: 4hr Solo Male 40-49

Current Category Series position: 8th
Current Overall position: 75th

1st August 2015 at Ourimbah MTB Park

This race should have been held in July, but was delayed due to the weather, so there had been a fair time gap between races by the time this day came along. Ourimbah was yet another that was new to me. I have to say I quite liked it overall though.

I've started using a dryer style of chain lube and that has made a huge difference. What I was originally using was like glue and it'd only take a couple of kms of riding to go from a perfectly clean and lubed chain to hearing constant grinding of sand/dirt between the chain and chainrings. I did have to dial the cable adjuster a little bit half way into the race as the rear mech started to ghost shift a little. After the race an inspection showed that I had tweaked the hanger a bit somewhere in the race. Not only was the chain line a little out, but there's a bit of a scar on the rear mech itself. That said though, the bike continued on throughout the race for me.

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