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5 Day riding trip, Sydney - Mogo - Canberra - Sydney

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By skipper_nz - Posted on 04 September 2015

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

hey guys
I am currently planning a MTB trip from wednesday 23rd Sept to Sunday 27th, the plan is to drive south to Mogo State Forest, across to Canberra then back to Sydney.
I am looking for places to ride as we stop along the way, mainly XC courses or places that will be fun!
so far the list i have compiled is:

Nowra trails (coondoo, butterfly and superbowl) (wednesday)
Mogo State Forest (thursday AM)
Canberra (have ridden East Cowen, Stromlo, Bruce Ridge etc... so don't need any more there!)
Majura Pines (friday PM)
Welby (saturday AM)
Wingello (saturday PM)
Wylde MTB Park (sunday AM

Does anyone have anymore suggestions of great trails to ride that are along the way?
If you know of any locals or want to join us to show us the trails that is always a bonus too!

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As you're coming up into Sydney, there's Appin and Mount Annan.
Appin if you like a rougher, more natural trail. Mt Annan if you're after a Stromlo/Wylde man made feel.

There's a few other trails in South Sydney worth a look - check out the trails map on this site.

Great weeks riding for you though - hope the weather holds out. Mogo is great and Wingello is my join favourite trail with Ourimbah.

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We will have partners with us on the weekend so need to keep things not too rocky/technical so keep everyone happy.
I though Appin is closed??? and Mt Annan is on the list for a day trip in the near future

Ourimbah is dangerous for me, one crash put me in bed for 5 weeks and the next for 3 days, i love the place but have been avoiding it!!!! haha

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The new trails (Stairway to Heaven and Romper Room) are worth going back to East Kowen. Have you ridden Sparrow Hill?

Just a heads up that Majura Pines is not very big in comparison to places like Kowen, Sparrow, Stromlo and Wingello.

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Haven't ridden East Cowen since the Mont in October, but have ridden there enough to know what it is like.
Yes my cousin who lives down there said it Majura is bit on the short side at the moment, but I am cool with that, I think there will be enough longer riding to make up for it.

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