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Thank you Lithgow council

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By Flynny - Posted on 05 October 2015

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

We are often quick to grumble about things and I know I have been critical of council in the past but I have had some very positive dealings with them recently and with recent happens in other areas with land managers shutting trails I want to put this up as a good news story

There is this trail on Hassans Walls (The pottery trail) that starts down an old road, now this road was a bit rutted out, has several old turning circles that were havens for rubbish dumper and recently had been the target of illegal fire wood collect who drive into the bush and drag logs out.

When I heard council had plans to close this off I could see their point and thought access to the bike trail would be lost.

However those responsible for planing and carrying out the job need to be congratulated.

In ripping up and bush matting the road they have left a lovely bit of single trail so in effect have extended the bike track several hundred meters and done a great job with it.

Thankyou Lithgow Council and all involved

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That's a refreshing change from the usual shenanigans we've come to expect from Councils - at least the ones in Sydney.

Have you sent the Council a letter to say thanks?

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Met with them 2 weeks ago about these trails

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Going to the effort of putting pen (or keyboard) to paper has a bit more impact, as they can show your letter around. It becomes evidence of how cool they are.

I know when my bosses get emails about me and the quality of service I provide, it always impresses them far more than when I tell them an internal customer is happy.

That makes me much more positively disposed to treat them even better next time. ANd I find it works the same way when I do it for others who have helped me.

A little effort in putting it out there can have a big payoff. A virtuous circle.

Just sayin' Smiling

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I've been doing this trail advocacy thing for about 15 years now.
The guys in the planning department read both this site and the facebook groups the message was posted on. Seeing it there where others have commented will have more impact than a letter from me. Saying that a letter has been sent to the tourism advisory committee and I am down to address the next council meeting. Remember when I use to advise you on such things...Smiling

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