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Mogo State Forest

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By Tristania - Posted on 12 November 2015

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

I'm planning to head over to Bateman's Bay over this Xmas period, I believe the 27/28/29th of December (and then on to the Snowies), home to the famous Mogo State Forest, that, according to the Nobmob page, has "miles and miles of the sweetest singletrack you'll ever find," and I have it on good authority from many people that this is a place well worth exploring, so looking forward to jumping down.

Just wondering if anyone from the area, or anyone who has been there would be able to tell me if there are any comprehensive maps available down there, or if there may be regular groups that do rides there that I may be able to join, or if anyone knows anyone in the area around that time that might be able to guide me around as from what I see on Google maps, it's not particularly well marked and want to ensure that I can get the best tracks there without missing anything out.

I'll be in Jindabyne the subsequent few days, a location which I have gotten to know well, so anyone planning to be there over New Years, feel free to shoot me a PM to tee a social ride up.

Thanks in advance, looking forward to exploring somewhere new!

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Tristan, I was down there the week before the Fling (too wet to do too much riding however) and it seems that the famous "Snake Track" area is being logged. However, much of the rest of the Maulbrooks Loop is still open and worth getting out to. Head out on Maulbrooks Rd (south from Mogo for a couple of km's on the highway then inland) and its pretty hard to miss the track head which is at the start of Dam Rd a few kms in on Maulbrooks. The loop is (or was) well signposted.

However, there is also a network of tracks along the Ridge Rd, Mogo Trig Rd, Dog Trap Rd area (other side of the highway and north of Mogo) which is less well signposted. I understand there is a loop there around the dam, but haven't been able to put it all together yet. You can use Strava to download some gps traces to use if you've got the gear, otherwise talk to the guys at Moruya Cycles or Batemans Bay Cycles. Maps may be available. The other option, from the Eurobodalla Cyclists web site is:

"The Eurobodalla Cyclists Club has many members involved in social mountain biking and mountain bike racing. To find out about mountain biking activities contact the Club Secretary at
Additional information on mountain biking in the Eurobodalla Shire can be found at the Facebook page “Off Camber – Eurobodalla Mountain Biking”. This site includes information about social rides and other MTB related topics that are not official programs of the Eurobodalla Cyclists Club."

Or you could do the old fashioned thing and buy some topos and go exploring. There are heaps of fire trails out there with plenty of climbing, lots of moto tracks to get lost on and a great flat sprint along the back of the beach from Broulee to Moruya North Head.


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Hi Tristan, have you ever ridden Tathra? It's a small coastal town a couple of hours South of Mogo, it's a great place for a ride:

From Tathra it's about 2 1/2 hours to Jindabyne via Bega and Cooma.

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Might see if I can get hold of Bateman's Cycles for info or the Euro Club.

Hopefully the logging won't hinder the ability to ride too much.

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I've been to Tathra years ago, when I had just gotten into the MTB scene. Would be keen to head down there again, which we may do depending on if we'll go via Bega to get to the Snowies.

Looking forward to it.

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can't comment much about Mogo, but Tathra is definitely worth stopping by Tristan. Awesome network of trails there.

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on the "Off Camber" Eurobodalla MTB FB Group

which might help you find a few more trails. The FB group are probably worth contacting if you want to hook up with some locals for a ride as well.

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