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Get your hand off it

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By GiantNut - Posted on 03 February 2016

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

I know most here spend their time off road but if you are on road and get tempted to check your phone don't - fines apply. I did not know it applied to bikes .....

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Thanks for posting, I didn't know about it... Always wondered...
So now I can't talk on the phone whilst riding thru a red light not wearing a helmet... What's mr plod going to say when I tell him I don't carry ID?..?

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You finish a ride and get back on the smooth stuff - of course you want to grab your phone check for any Strava KOM's, update Facebook and see if anyone has matched you on Tinder.
Nanny state!

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In Qld (and probably NSW too) it is illegal to ride with one hand any time. This means no reaching for the bidon even.

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How to do you signal to turn then?

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Welcome to Australia.

Let's legislate EVERYTHING!

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Ah, ok I was wrong. "Must keep at least 1 hand on the handlebars". Phew!

I seem to recall some strange law up there though.

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So an amputee is forbidden to ride a bike then?

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In NSW the rules say you must have one hand on the bars. If they said two, how would you signal turns?

I've seen two right hand amputees out on mountain bikes. They had dual brake and shifters on the left. One had a socket bolted on the right bar, the other had a velcro glove. A little slow on rough descents (understandably) but very capable riders and very fit. No bottles - camelbak only.

Not sure how they'd safely signal on bumpy roads in a left hand drive country like the US... tricky

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