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Surprise! - Knapsack Build Day 9am-1pm November 26th 2016

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By moggio - Posted on 19 November 2016

Creek Crossing work - Tim rock armouring.

Well council have surprised us and have said we have an opportunity for a build day on Saturday the 26th November. I don't know if anyone is still monitoring this site and I don't know what we would be doing but if you can turn up then really, well, why not!? I know we all feel somewhat forgotten.

So meet at Barnet St carpark at the end of Lovers Walk. If we can I hope we end up doing the last bit of rerouted trail that was approved in the original plan and REF near the rusty car. Still we will have to wait and see.

Clinton will be out for the DH too.

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Good to hear there still some action. Unfortunately can't make it. Wish there was more lead time on the dates. Is there going to be any other build days in future to flag dates? When is signage happening?
I definitely am following your knapsack posts and appreciate your efforts.

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Council wants to lock us in for 4 dates next year.
While we have always pushed for more dates, we are pleased that we will be able to promote dates with a good lead time in the future.

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I'm planning to be there. Even if it's just for a tidy up.

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