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Big climbs / descents

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By Lach - Posted on 09 March 2017

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

I recently drove across the Barrington Tops from Gloucester to Scone. On the Scone side is a magnificent bit of farm road dropping over 800m down to Moonan Flat in just over 11 kms. Had a look at Strava and the climb is in there as a segment with a 7% average gradient and a ridiculous KOM time (from my perspective anyway). There is an even longer version continuing on up to Polblue picnic area in the NP which takes the distance up to 21 km and elevation up to 1060m at an average of 5%. The NP section is a fairly rocky road base where a smooth line might be hard to find.

This begs the question as to whether there are any similar length climbs on dirt closer to Sydney. Anybody got any favourites??

I know about Glenbrook to Woodford / Wenty. Plenty of elevation, but its not as consistently up hill.....

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Hop on strava and filter your search for Cat 1 or HC only climbs. YUou'll be able to see pretty quickly where the closest ones are....

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... and that's no fun....

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This is the biggest I know of in the lower mountains. Not many have attempted it and it's only really ridable after a bit of rain. After the bushfires up here it was literally 8" deep of fine dust/ash and completely impossible to ride up. There are some tough sections even with perfect grip and I've never managed to ride the whole thing without a dab or two.

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.. they are a couple of biggies. Haven't done either of those, but enjoy the back country riding down there. I wonder if anyone has ever tried to ride up Hannel's Spur? I've walked down it a couple of times and reckon it would make a great mtb descent but it would be a bugger of a climb / carry up!

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Up the pipeline to Mt Franklin in ACT is another 500m+ in 10k dirt climb - worth an explore. And in the Barringtons the corker from The Williams River up to Carey's Peak 1k m total and a good bit is 600m in 6k from memory. No segment but it's in this

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The one and only time I experienced the Spur, probably 10 years ago, I really needed a machete and whippersnipper. It was horrendous. Barely walkable, let alone rideable. If cleared to its original track state, then maybe possible, but otherwise steer clear!

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... 15% average gradient and sections that appear to be over 50%. What is it, a goat track? Is there a feasible round trip in there?

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Its a fireroad climb that's fully water bared. Reasonable surface but a little loose in parts. The water bars probably account for the 50% grades maybe, they are f'kn steep and pinch like hell. You should be able to see the loop I did by clicking on the date October 16.

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