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Knapsack Build Day 10th February 2018

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By moggio - Posted on 06 February 2018

Build Day this saturday. Synergy working on DH and if we get the numbers we can get some XC work done. Work from 8am till 2pm and there is the possibility of a BBQ if we get the numbers.

Details here

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Away at the Snowy Festival this weekend.

We probably should have emphasised on here the importance of doing a submission to the BMCC recreation and sport draft which suggested partnering with community groups for managing trails.

It would be nice to have the relationship evolve where predetermined maintenance can be done unsupervised like WSMTB do at Yellomundee. Seems to work just fine with groups all over the country and their councils and land holders.

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We have been heavily pushing for the last 8 years to get permission to do unsupervised maintenance on the trail! Hence all the IMBA training and the persistence in showing our core groups capabilities and responsible approach at all the build days with BMCC.

However we are hamstrung by the power of the BM Conservation Society that resist with their considerable clout. Seemingly CONSOC would rather the trails erode and fall apart or have council pay the considerable expense for contractors to do the work rather than save the money, get positive results for the reserve and support a program that allows for volunteers from the mtb community.

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