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BMORC in the news

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By Kingy - Posted on 30 June 2010

The Blue Mountains Gazette have been in touch with BMORC and tommorrow at 11am we will be doing a walk of the lower sections of the Downhill track with Michael Clegget a journalist from the paper, i invite anyone wishing to attend the meeting and express their views for the article to attend.
The location for the meeting will be at the bottom of Mitchell's Pass in the car park where the old Great Western High Terminates into a car park at Emu Plains, there will be a photo taken with riders (4) first in best dressed.

Hope to see you there.

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I will try and get down there... want to walk the track too.

Also in the Gazzette

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"a photo taken with riders (4) first in best dressed."

Now I wish I wasn't the fourth and last rider to turn up!

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Had to miss it due to pre school commitments. I only had to cut up about 55,768 pieces of fruit!

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Gotcha! Thanks for showing he asked for 4 and got 4.

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