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Western Sydney MTB Club

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By waratah - Posted on 24 July 2010

Anyone here going to the WSMTB Club event tomoz at Blue Gum lodge, Springwood? I have never ridden with a club before but very keen to ride this exclusive track.

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I'll be there tomorrow to ride this very good track. I've ridden it several times at other wsmtb club races and it has usually been made better than the previous race day which is only 1-2 times a year. It's always a relaxed and friendly crowd so don't be shy.

If you have even a slightly competitive nature you'll enjoy ridng the club events as you always try to improve your place in the next race (that's what I did anyway and got sort of quick for an old guy).

Say hello tomorrow if you see me, I'll be on a white GT single speed as my other bike needs work.
Here's a link to who's going


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Blue Gum Lodge is a short but Fantasic tight slightly techy course, i've got a cold now so cant go but really wish i could have gone!

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Hi 'Tah,

Hope to see you at Blue Gum on Sunday. It's a great course - I don't know how it all fits in there without overpasses, etc. A good mixture of single trail, a bit of fire trail, some tech bits (which get me off the bike on on the feet - but most riders seem to do it OK).

The club races are super friendly. You can take it at the pace you wish.

Ray Rice

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Yep, a great event. A really well organised club, friendly atmosphere and great place to ride.

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