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Yellomundee Bushcare group planting day-12th September, 2010, 1300hrs.

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By The Brown Hornet - Posted on 31 August 2010

The Yellomundee Bushcare group is meeting on Sunday 12th September, 2010 at 1300hrs at Yellomundee for a planting day. Entry is through the Shaws Farm gate.

A few guys have already expressed interest, so bring the kids and spend a few hours planting native plants. Afternoon tea is provided.

Let Vickii know if you want to come- or 45882400.

I know it clashes with the WSMTB XC club round, but I'm sure there will be some who are interested.

See you there.

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Are we letting the WSMTBC guys know of this as well so they can promote it as well? Might be worth a Farkin post too?

I will try and get there with kids in tow... need to look at the family diary.

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I'll be bringing the kids and missus ... Smiling

looking forward to it ... may even lay the seed (pun intended) for some interesting discussions about the Hawksbury lookout track.

*edit Farkin post ...

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I'll be there with family.

Club round is in the morning so people can stay around and finish the day planting.

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Is there anyone else coming besides Al and myself?

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The kids love the opportunity to get absolutely filthy at these things so we'll probably see you guys there.

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I'll be there.

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Well I enjoyed it as did my daughter greatly. Hope those trees take root nicely.

I would like to have some more intense work where one comes home thoroughly rooted.... have to see whether thay have any big tasks that need doing... I guess as a rider we are more goal orientated and like a challenge.

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Yep, it was an enjoyable couple of hours, if not a bit cruisy. Good to see so many kids running around. Our oldest wasn't too happy that she had to wait for her little sister to wake up before she could plant any trees. Luckily we found one that everyone else had missed.

According to James, the biggest turnout they've had.

Maybe when they are clearing some lantana next or that big outbreak of prickly pear there will be some harder work to be done.

I'll post pics as soon as I work out how to use my phone.

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Lantana work would be ideal... mention it to Vickii... we need mans work!! Smiling

Only problem with yesterday was sitting around at dinner Vikki noticed she had a tick. Bloody little things... checked all the kids and they were clear. Unfortunately it didn't come out well either so she is up the doctor today.

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Damn straight we need man's work!

We've had more ticks this year than any other. The girls get them playing in the front gardens. Lani's record is 3 in one hit. Beth is quite proficient at removing them, while I just provide the kung fu grip to prevent wriggling and squirming.

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Hey guys, we found a light green glove with white grip dots on it yesterday as we were leaving. Looks like it would fit a small tree planters hand. Let me know if you need it.

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I think that may have been Ike's but they were too small for him now, so no need to worry about them. Thanks anyway!

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Was expecting a bit more to do ... maybe coz we got lost and were late ... bah

Kids loved it ... I think we'll make that a regular monthly thing.

didn't do a tick check ... bah ... bath time.

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