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"Mountain bike riders set to blaze a trail through national parks"

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By moggio - Posted on 10 September 2010

SYDNEY'S mountain bikers have always been hampered by one
thing - a conspicuous lack of proper mountain trails.

Instead they have independently, usually illegally, carved their own tracks through national parks around the city fringes.

This could be about to change, with the state government to release a discussion paper today on ways of balancing the needs of the state's
30,000 dedicated mountain bike riders with those of people who go to national parks for the trees and wildlife, peace and quiet.

From SMH here:

DECCW media release is here:

And the paper is here:

Comment here

I cannot stress enough how important it is that everyone back this initiative! This means comment, comment, comment.
Nothing is going to happen unless mountain bike riders show they have the numbers to justify proper facilities.

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Worth a read of this paper... the reasoning in it is pretty good.

There isn't going to be long new trails cut but at least there looks like the momentum into creating single track is there, much like at Glenrock.

So time to digest and then write.

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Here is the direct link to the relevant discussion. Click on the red bits down the bottom and comment on each.

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Done. Not many people have commented yet. Spread the word!

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Follow JP's link as opposed to Mog's one

click each section and comment as appropriate. There is a moderation step so take note ... I think one of my comments may not make it in Sad ... couldn't help a NIMBY comment.

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Dear Stakeholder,

By now I hope all of you have received (and enjoyed reading!) the latest Planning Matters Newsletter, which had a special focus on visitor and recreation management in national parks within the Blue Mountains.

Given your interest in the management of national parks, I’m writing to you now to draw your attention to a discussion paper that was launched this week by the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) on mountain biking in the state’s national parks and reserves.

NPWS is seeking community comment on a new approach to managing mountain biking in national parks and invites you to make your thoughts known. The paper can be downloaded and submissions made on online at the following website As the paper addresses mountain biking in national parks across NSW, your comments should be emailed to or mailed to Cycling Policy and Mountain Biking Strategy, Department of Environment and Climate Change, PO Box 1967, Hurstville NSW 1481.

Through this e-mail I’d also like to gauge your interest in attending a community meeting to further discuss the draft mountain biking strategy. If there is sufficient interest, such a meeting would be held either at Blackhealth or Glenbrook, in late September or early October. You can register your interest in having a face to face discussion with NPWS on mountain biking by phoning (02) 4784 7300.

I encourage you to engage in the consultation process to ensure NPWS adopts the most appropriate and effective approach to management of mountain biking in national parks and reserves.

Best wishes,


Melissa Giese

Regional Planning Officer

NPWS, Blue Mountains Region

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Thanks for the heads up Flynny.... I put it up as its own news.

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Hopefully the majority of you have all taken a bit of time to put some positive comments on the various discussion topics.

Takes numbers to make change ... don't sit and wait for the other guy to do it ... thats how we lost OBR.

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