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BMORC Bunnings BBQ Fundraiser

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By Kingy - Posted on 10 November 2010

Saturday, 15 January, 2011 - 07:14
6 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
Meeting Point: 

Bunnings Warehouse Jamisontown

1 Wolseley St, Jamisontown NSW 2750

Come and lend a hand at the Annual BMORC Bunnings Fundraiser, next years edition devoted to raising funds for the signage for Knapsack Reserve, look out for posts for updates will be looking for volunteers to assist with the day

Regards Kingy

Who's in?
Gilbo, Andy Bloot, Isildur, The Brown Hornet, Chuck, ChopStiR, moggio, BM Epic, Kingy, Vinno, stephen, TeeJay, J the B (13 riders)
Gilbo Andy Bloot Isildur The Brown Hornet Chuck ChopStiR moggio BM Epic Kingy Vinno stephen TeeJay J the B
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Tim, could you do up some art work for a BMORC banner? The new BMORC shirts will be good on the day.

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Anyone work for a drafting or printing company that can do large prints? I used to 4y ago. Where can we do cheap printing?

Will defintelty be there on the day, just not sure which side of the counter I will be on.

Anyone bringing their bike for extra promotion?

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Ive been looking for quotes.

Vista Print can do a vynal outdoor sign (90.2 x 50.8 cm small) including hangers for $45 (This would be reusable for the long term)

I have also emailed 4 other local companies requesting quotes for a basic banner and brochures/flyers.

ChopStiR's picture

Printing is an exspensive business

Kwik copy quoted me $70 for an A2 sized laminated print

The printing hub quoted $100 (and they claimed to be the cheapest around)

PRProduction quoted $80

The 4th company has yet to give me a quote

As for flyers, I think going to the library to use a photocopier would be cheaper, alternatively domaynes photo centre and print 6x4 matt prints would also be cheaper

Kingy's picture

I think we might be trying to coporatise things a bit, let's take a step back and look at maybe just something simple like a painted sheet I can pain it with the use of an overhead projector to get the outline going, the paints are cheap I will get em from spotlight and as for the flyer thing I reckon we push our enviro angle can the flyers and stick with a small raffle ticket size print out of the BMORC Address speaking if raffles we need to approach sponsors now to donate prizes for a proposed raffle for the day.

ChopStiR's picture

Paint sounds like a good plan, was thinking that myself earlier today. If you would like some help with that kingy let me know. Was also thinking like a primary school project and do some prints on paper and stick them to a sheet of card board. Maybe I could do that with the "about BMORC" for anyone wanting a read about the group and add some group ride photos.

With the flyers I was only looking at getting 50 A4 prints and cutting them in halve. Dont hand them out to everyone that buys a sanga, just leave them on the table for those who were interested. Could also cut them in quarters, that would make 200. Go any smaller and you loose them in the wallet abyss like I do Laughing out loud

Sponsors: Anyone good friends with Bikeminded, Blackmans and/or Panther Cycles? Even if its just a $20 Voucher would be great.

My dad works at the Henry Lawson Club, will see if I can get a dinner voucher for the bistro.

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Hi Chopstir,
That project idea sounds rad a board for people to get info would be mint, by all means run with it, fantastic. Moggio sent me the BMORC logo in an email P M me yours and I will send it to you, might come in handy for your 1/4 page format flyer, I still reckon having a laptop down there with the Site open and just a small peice of paper would be sufficent but take your wallet comment on board and see a 1/4 page will be a better idea less chance of them losing it.
Re the sign just need to getu hands on an overhead projector,
Painting wise reckon my daughter would be up for it, a lot on my plate at the moment, some one once told me if you bite off more than you can chew then make sure you chew like crazy lol


BM Epic's picture

Hey Tim,
I am a printer and it is ultra expensive to get anything done, even for me, as for sponsors, bike minded is probably our best bet, but sponsorship dough is hard to come by!

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I dropped into the Henry Lawson Club thursday after work for a beer and asked about prizes for our fundraiser. They told me they would love to, I only need to bring them a letter printed on our a BMORC letterhead stating who we are, what we are doing (fundraising for signage) and what we are after so they can claim it back on tax. They also said if we could get a letter from the Glenbrook Historical Society and from the BMCC both printed on there own letter heads stating how this fundraiser would be benificail would be even better for the Henry Lawson Club and us. We would be able to get some dinner vouchers, maybe some bottles of wine and some other cheap stuff to through in like vouchers for half price tickets in spinner winner meat trays etc...

These letters do not need to be directed at the club, but just generic which could also be used for other sponsors as I believe they can do the same.

Im not close with the BMCC or Glenbrook Historical Society, would someone be able to approach them?
I can do something basic for our BMORC letter, but maybe someone who is also good with words may be able to come up with something better. Hinting at Mog Eye-wink

Kingy, if you are refering to the Blue Bike Rider Logo then I already have it as I created it Eye-wink

I will get into action for my project.

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I will draft a letter tonight for the raffle thingo I have the bmorc template I will email you pm ur email to me and I will send it


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I'm going to try to make it at least for a few hours. I leave for NZ today and get back on the 14th Jan. My mum's 60th B'Day party is also on the 15th but in the evening so I may be able to make it out for a few hrs during the day.

J the B's picture

But I'll put my name down anyway. Should know for sure after this weekend.

BM Epic's picture

I can do most of the day from 8am til about 2/2.30, i have to get back for the 4hour on saturday night!

TeeJay's picture

Hi Kingy,

Michele, my better half has offered to assist with the BBQ next Saturday; if its OK make it Teejay x 2.

Kingy's picture

Top one mate I have my mum my wife my daughter my Mother in law, plus all the regular BMORCIANs this is going to be a great day!

Kingy's picture

oh cheers mate a bit of help round lunch time will really make the difference!

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So my lovely girlfriend Jo is also able to help out on Saturday. Make it me + 1!

We're good for anytime in the morning through to about 2-ish. What time do you want us there mate?

Kingy's picture

Hey mate 1000 would be awesome!

Isildur's picture

Wow, that even gives us time to sleep in and eat breakfast! Sounds awesome Eye-wink ;)

See you there at 10!

The Brown Hornet's picture

Sleep in!!!!! You guys are unreal!

Isildur's picture

It's a sleep in for me! I'm usually up at 6 or 6:30 for work, so getting to sleep until 8 is going to be a blessing!

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Paul, what is the time frame for the BBQ. ie what time is the set up starting, when does the selling start and finish..clean up.

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