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Six Foot track, Blue Mountains

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By PappaSmurf - Posted on 22 November 2010

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hi Mobbers, planning a trip on 6 ft track leave Blackheath, overnight at Caves House and back. Anyone done this? I did it about 15 years ago and stuck to fire road, other than the single track into the river (bushwalking track). I have heard that you can turn right about 1km up from caves house and takes bike in?. Anybody got some info on this?

Thanks Mobbers, for those interested in the thread, the deal is to join 6ft track off Megalong Road, don't even think about riding down the track from explorers tree. We'll ride down the road from Blackheath. Ok on the track to the Cox's river (single track walkers, lift bike over fences via pedastals) cross river (do not use the suspension bridge!). Then climb (a biggy). You can stay on the 6ft track all the way up to Jenolan Caves road, (there are numerous forsestry roads in the area) then hit the tar down to Caves House. Next day climb from Caves to 6ft track entance, supposed by a great downhill to Cox;s river, then back to Blackheath. I'll see if my Iphone 4 (Cyclemeter) will keep a signal and post details. Thanks for all the advice. Will purchase topo map for HAMPTON, just in case.

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You used to be able to ride down the six foot track from where it joins the Caves Rd (up near the NPWS Binda Flat cabins iirc), but I don't think that's allowed these days - when I think about it, it was probably 25 years ago that I rode that bit. I feel ancient.
If you want to do an overnighter, staying at those cabins may be an option rather than riding down the road into the Caves (and then back up). No food or drink there tho'.

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I was reading this the other day but the info seems a little old. Looks like a fun ride tho ...

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There's a guy on here called Martin Geliot. I reckon he'd be your best bet for fairly recent info.'s picture

There is a map available from the department of lands. If you google 6 foot track and department of lands you can eventually find a phone number to ring, and they mail it out. It clearly tells which bits are for bikes and which are walker only.

I am curious to hear how it goes. I considered doing it but there and back in a day is one big day, and the logistics of getting to caves house to ride back means it would have to be a pretty good ride to make it worthwhile.

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Can I ride my mountain bike (MTB) on the Track?

MTBs are allowed between Jenolan Caves Road and the Coxs River Camp Ground, no restrictions and between the Coxs River Camp Ground and the Megalong Valley Road on a trial basis only.

MTBs are not allowed from Katoomba (start) to Megalong Valley Road, from Jenolan Caves Road to the Jenolan Caves or on the access track that links the Coxs River Camp Ground to the Swing Bridge on the western side of the Coxs River.

Please do not take your MTB on to the Swing Bridge. See the Six Foot Track map to identify the areas available for MTB use.

If someone who knows the area would like to draw the allowed (including the trial areas) on a map (In Google Earth for example) and send me a link/KMZ will gladly post them up on a Six Foot Track entry to avoid future confusion.

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The bit from Katoomba is pretty much mostly stairs so not much good for bikes anyway. The other bit not allowed is the run down to the swing bridge.

At one stage we did have a concession to these areas so long as the stairs themself and the bridge were walked but this concession lasted about 5min longer than the meeting where it was agreed to.

But at least it has a land manager and at least he has been willing to do the "MTB trial" which has been going on for 10 or 15 years now....

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You can get the official Six Foot Map from outdoors shops in Katoomba. I'm pretty sure Summit Gear has them. And yes, the ride is definitely much faster (and easier) in the Jenolan Caves Rd to Cox's River direction. There's some real manic downhills. Haven't ridden it in the other direction, but I can guarantee some real sweat will be produced at this time of year. Make sure you take enough water.

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We did Dunphy's campground to Jenolan Caves via Megalong Valley Road and 6 foot track recently. Then onto Yerranderrie the next day. Six foot track down to Cox's River is fine, the climb out of Cox's to Jenolan Cave's Road is loooong. Its around 900 m in 20 kms. My garmin track is here if your interested.

Batteries ran out down towards Yerranderrie. We climbed out of the other side of Jenalon Caves and took the dirt roads down through the forests, its a downhill trend all the way to Yerranderrie spread over about 90 km. Makes for a great ride if you can get someone to support you and truck the supplies into Yerranderrie then stay there the night.


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I hiked the 6 foot track last year with my wife over 3 days & still wince at the memory.

From the Cox's River to Jenolan Caves Road, you have two nasty climbs.
1. Cox's River (280m) to Mini-Mini Saddle (720m) in about 4km.
- Then you drop down to Alum Ck (565m) in about 2km.
2. After about 1km of gentle terrain you hit the killer climb up to the Black Range Ridge.
- It rises from 600m to 980m in about 3km, and is bloody relentless.

It's a tough climb carrying a 15k backpack & you'd have to be super fit to be able to ride up it.

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Bindi - I'd love to do that ride and finish around Tahmoor or Picton. Can it be done?

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Bindi, I was under the impression you needed permission from the SCA to use some parts of the track to get to Yerranderie?

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it can be done yeah but you cant do all of it. it will take you a good day but i would leave from the cemetery further along the track from the katoomba end because the first section is unridable. the ride however is straight forward from there and i hope you enjoy it.

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After this discussion thought it appropriate to post a DB entry. See Six Foot Track Smiling

If anyone has any pictures of the route to add to the gallery that would be great.

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