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Tamworth Trails ?

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By richo - Posted on 19 December 2010

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hi i know its probably been asked before but i was going to Tamworth over crissy and was wondering if its worth taking the bike with me .Are there any trails in or around Tamworth?

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i think thee is a thread on rotorburn about this one

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Thanks i'll check it out......might pack the bike anyway and give singleton a bash on the way up and back! looks like a fast track

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If you are happy to take a drive up to Armidale definitely get the bike packed. They have some great single track about 10mins out of Armidale. Some nice flowy single track through pine plantation forest and then some really good singletrack through some cow paddocks and over a small hill with some really excellent man made stuff. Pretty easy to find just check out teh New England Mountain Bike club on the web. I had a stack of fun up there, planned on a quick ride before work up there and turned out to be a long ride with little work. A great day all round, not too technical either and probably not much there for the downhillers but well worth the commute up from Tamworth - there is a bit of stuff to ride over the railway line heading out of town towards Armidale I have been told but I will have to wait till my next trip up to check it out. If you want pix/maps etc let me know.

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Another vote for the drive up to Armidale, I dont know much Tamwroth stuff but some Tamworth guys go ride Armidale for XC stuff. As mentioned best option is the 'Pine Forest', anyone in town will point you to 'the Piney'. Park at the access gate just past the bridge about 5min from town on Rockvale rd. Head in that gate, ride up the dirt road and look for single track.

Other good option is Dumaresq Dam, loop only about 5km but if can hook up with Armidale local might get the extra stuff up Mt Duval, which makes it a big ride. A heart busting 20 min climb up the front face for two descent options, the easy option of a fast degraded firetail with waterbars or back down what you climbed, a steep bloody rough degraded 'was once a firetrail' that resembles a wide DH track, a massive grin fest if you like speed and rough.

As mentioned, nothing in Armidale is technical except the front descent off Duval.

PS I've heard Scone is an awesome place to get to know the locals...but only if you think Red Hill is a cruisy ride.

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