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BMORC BBQ Bring your bikes!

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By Kingy - Posted on 06 January 2011

Things are progressing well, I made an executive decision today and purchased a pallet yes read pallet (1740 600 ml bottles) for the BBQ Saturday week.
Anyone wishing to purchase a 12 pack can do so on the day for $4.00 all monies raised going to the Knapsack project.
I was thinking let's do Coke, lemonade blah blah blah then I thought you know what let's just keep it simple water is refreshing everyone drinks it, and if there is any left over we can always use it for our work days on the new track Smiling
One of my old cycling buddies and school mates Adrian Bailee has arranged a cash register fir us too speed up transactions on the day, Thanks Aido!
My Mrs is going to get the plastic containers for the bread tommorrow, I am getting the pallet of water trucked to Lopez Brothers transport who have kindly offered to warehose and deliver it to Emu Plains where the guys at Pastoral Prime Meats have offered to refridgerate it.
They have also offered a great rate on the sausages, Chris from Chippys foods is assisting us with whilsale prices on the sauces, serviettes, Fresh sliced onions and is also lending us serving dishes for the cooked product.
Been a busy few weeks, really looking forward to seeing everyone on the day, thanks to Tim<
(ChopStir) for getting in on the raffle, Blackmans, The Henry Lawson Cluband my mate Henry for the great deal on the water.
This is going to be a record breaker fundraiser I won't forget those that volunteered I really appreciate your effort.



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I've got 5books of 100 tickets each. Thinking that will be enough for the raffle. Can I get a list of all sponsors, Prizes and services. Email me Kingy, could you please send me your edit for the flyer, I bought some ink for my printer so hopefully it will work and I can get them printed up.

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Kingy/Tim - how many flyers do you need - I can print some up too. Let me know.

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Kingy, i just did 2 weekends at north penrith bunnings and softies sold like hot cakes, the water was literally untouched, also they had rolls and bread for the sausage sambos, the bread rolls went bonkers, it left me with my mouth wide open!
Just a thought for extra profit, BTW, both days made app: 1300 dollars clear!..each day!

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Haven't got any definites, however I'm hoping to at least get a dozen or so bike bottles. I'm wondering if we can do some "lucky door prize" thing with on-the-spot bike bottle give-aways to random raffle ticket buyers. Give punters more incentives to buy tickets...

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Hi Tim,
I am pretty sure Tim that somewhere back in the posts some one has already put up a BMORC info sheet, so rather than reivent the wheel we can find it and use it, can the kind sole that created the info sheet locate it in the forum an d steer Tim towards it's location



Blackman Bicyles, $200 voucher

Henry Lawson Club Dinner vouchers + Wine

Bulk water 10 dozen 600 ml bottles

Also thinking raffle deal, buy a sausage sandwhich and a drink for $3.50 or spend $5 and get 3 raffle tickets normally $1 each.

Buy a bulk water $5 and get 3 raffle tickets for free!

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All the info I had got for the flyer had came from this site and you. I had made an edit as you had also suggested. Just wanted you to proof read it and ok it before I started printing. It would be a waste of paper and ink if I printed it with errors. I have sent you the latest edit a couple of days ago, can you get back to me and I will start printing if its all good.

As for the raffle, I feel we could make more if we sold the tickets $2 each and 3 for $5
This way customers are more inclined to spend the $5 rather than $2
I like your deal Idea, still go with it but for $5 you get the drink, sanga, and 1 ticket (saving 50c off a raffle ticket) we could even through in an extra ticket for an extra $1

Cheers for the offer. Ive sent you a PM

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Thanks mate if you get some bottles it will work well!

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Hi Todd,
yeah ur probobally right on the softies but I am sticking with my plan at $1 each even if I only sell Half the amount of water that I would in soft drinks we will realise a greater profit!
Bread rolls again yes a good idea but profits would be diminished they are about 40 cents each compared to about 10 cents for bread so I am going to stick with the formula, I am banking on my salesmanship to push up sales I am really going to engage people and get thus thing jumping, rock n roll music flash banner bikes on display, raffles, cheap water, it's going to be big!

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Thats allright mate, the 2 that i was at the bloke got the softies pretty cheap, they made very good money on them, he also got a great deal on the bread rolls, have you guys cleared the raffle with bunnings, they are fairly strict about things, we can only sell sausage rolls or sangas with onion and sauce ONLY!..Drinks and softies and water, also definitely no thongs, otherwise no helping!
Should be a good day, should we bring the bikes down??..bit concerned about having something stolen??

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I'll have a bike there anyway as I'll be coming back from night shift, and heading back in again once the BBQ is done. 2 locks should prevent her growing legs and going AWOL.

Todd makes a good point about OH&S stuff with Bunnings. Closed in shoes only, seperate people for the register and food handling, gloves need to be worn if handling food, the floor needs to be kept clean. I'm sure there's more that I can't remember.

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Can get boxes of softies for approx 50c per can from woolies and coles when they have them on special ... pretty sure they are on post chrissy special now. ... usually sell for $1.50 ... with the sangers $2.50 at the BUNNINGS near me.

good luck with this weekend

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Had to edit details of my post but some softdrink will be avaiable on the day also.

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Have a secret softie source .... shhh.. lol

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Kingy / Tim, I've got a load of stuff from Cranks in North Sydney for give-away-on-the-spot prizes:
6 MTB tyres
6 tubes
1 bike bottle (they only had one left)

I'm still hoping that one of the other shops come through with some more bike bottles, and we'll have a real swag of on-the-spot prizes.

Is it too late to add Cranks to the sponsor list? If so, no worries, they won't jump up and down.

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I think we should be able to swing something for Cranks, what do you reckon Tim?

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Not a problem.

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Been a bit hectic of late and I missed all this discussion... Just put a note on the CTMBC front page to help promote it with our guys.

Kingie, if you still need stuff I'll happy to throw in an Insane gift voucher or two

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Hi Craig,
Mate we would appreciate a voucher 1 would be enough, just let us know how much and we will put it up, Tim can you add Flynny's shop to our raffle acknowledgement list?
Flynny I will PM you my address if u can make today's post I should get the voucher for Sat cheers

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Since this is the topic that was last posted in shall we keep it as "THE ONE" up until Saturday?

Anyway, as far as I know, I'm bringing the girls' little clam-shaped pool for drinks and some hessian bags to go over the other tubs. I also have a C02 extinguisher which is good to have next to the barbie just in case. If there's anything else let me know.

I'll drop the stuff off at Bunnings after work on Saturday morning, but then I'll need to head off for an hour or 2 to watch the girls. I'll be back down hopefully before the luchtime rush until pack up.

This should be good. See you all there.

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I have a friends birthday to attend and need to shoot off at 2:30pm at the latest. But I'll try and be there to help set up. early in the morning.

Sounds like alot of volunteers, 20+

I've bought some extra raffle books and a pack of pens. Im hoping we can have some volunteers wander around by foot or bike in the car parks and near the other local shops promoting out BBQ and selling raffle tickets. If you have a bum bag or other kind of little bag that could be used for selling tickets and keeping loose change in that would be great if you could bring it along.

Sponsor/names to mention summary:

BMORC would like to thank

Bunnings Warehouse
Pastoral Prime Meats
Blackmans Bicycles (Penrith)
Insane Cycles (Lithgow)
Cranks Bike Store (North Sydney)
Henry Lawson Club
Volunteers and Supporters

Have I missed anyone?

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If it's not too late, can we donate 5 or 10% of our profits to the flood victims?

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Hi All,

Tim new sponsors on board Reckitt and Coleman Pharmacuitcals, Panther Cycles.
Brown Hornet, don't need the clam shell but the heshian sacks will be good.

Here's how the day will go 7:00 am set up, we errecy the 2 tents, and then move the mobile kitchen / BBQ into position, we set up tables and move the drinks and stock in.

First job for volunteers will be getting bread divided up wrapped in serviettes and stowed in the plastic tubs, we will start cooking the sausages a bit at a time and will gradually build up with demand.
We will have a bit of a display of the raffle bits and pieces we will draw the raffle at the end of the day, we will create a bit of a list of the prizes in the morning and create a bit of an order for first prize say the $200 Blackmans Voucher through to some of the smaller items like the 10 dozen 600 ml waters.
I will look to Tim to manage the Raffle in the early part of the day co-ordinating volounteers and the selling, I will be getting a float for the BBQ this afternoon, I will endeavour to have enough change to cover the day should be alright, we will need to run a power cord from the store to the tables and with a bit of luck we will be able to get good reception on the wireless and can pick up vintage FM for some atmosphere I will give them a ring today and get them to plug the BBQ.

We will also be selling bulk Ha ha hear ya mate I should be leaving hear soon than maybe back to depot or botany for another can't brlive how long this load took me and mum are going to a concert in February Old School Aussie Rock should be good it's on a Thursday night ouch! lol oh well do they have Tucker on the trains? or did u carry the pie on?bottled water on the day, $5 for 12 bottles I need a few hand trolleys to make this happen my plan is to get a few vollies to head down to the outer car parks and target people coming back from their shopping who are about to leave and get them to buy a 12 Pack of water to assist the fundraising, I am keeping this activity on the down low just in case it does not wash with the powers that be Eye-wink
I will need a volounteer coming down from Blaxland East to drop by the Bakery in the morning to pick up the 60 loaves of bread and also grab 8 bags of Ice from the servo I have ordered the bread I can reimburse the volounteer when they drop the bread it's 60 loaves $108.00 so who ever is first to reply to this request on the post I will run with you, the pick up is 730 am if you are swinging past the BP on Old Bathurst Rd, might be a good idea to grab some empty bread crates from round the side near the Ice box when you get the ice grab a reciept for the ice and I will reimburse you when you get to Bunnings.

I am going to cook of the onion jam tonight and I will have all the drinks refrigerated and ready to being in the morning I have the drink containers and two 44 gallon drums full of cold bottled water so we won't have any problems keeping things cool.

I seen the BBQ kick off last weekend the Springwood AFL were doing it they were nice and relaxed so the first few hours are a bit of thumb twiddling but that's pk more time to flog raffle tickets.

We need to put up the BMORC Banner I reckon we can hang it of my trailer uprights, the bulk water will be on board.

Got a cash register and also printed colour coded chits for the S/S Sausages sambos, drinks etc.

The idea is we run with one cashier they sell the customers the chits and then the customers shuffle down to the service table where they present the chits and pick up the good this will enable the cashier to process the orders quick the servers only need to ask if the people want onions, a pepsi or a solo, the water is $1 the can of drink $1.50 the sausage sandwhich is $2.50 the bulk water $5.00.
I am hoping to run the serving in 2 teams of two we will put the cooked product in the middle of the table and the drinks will be behind, one if the servers can be on drinks and topping up the bread the other can hand over the sausage sambo and do the onion thing.
I will have a table set up at the exit with the sauces where the customers can move to put their own sauce and organise them selves.

should run smooth it's open for tweaks on the day but should be right, I will have serving trays to put the cooked article in and will bring some garbage bags for trash.

so that's about it if anyone else can think of anything key me know I have good service gloves and will bring some detergent to wash up, should be able to get s bit of hot water from bunnings I will bring a tub


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Mate, I thought about the same thing yesterday and decided not to raise the issue because I think that people are already actively donating through Woolies and other avenues.
We could make a donation on behalf of the group after but I don't want to actively promote that we are giving a percentage I think that it's a bit too short notice to do it properly with appropriate signage and a dedicated beneficary nominated for the funds.
But in short yes I like the idea of a donation from the proceeds is a good idea, we can have a chat about it at the BBQ and see what the group feel is a good thing.

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Hi Paul

I can do the bread and ice pick-up tomorrow morning. I'll drop it off and stick around to help as long as I can keep my 3 year old entertained - I'm on dad duties tomorrow.

Should be able to pop back down for an hour or so to help with the lunch time rush as well while he's having his nap.


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Remember!!..everybody must have closed shoes!..otherwise bunnings will poo poo you!

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Mate my Mum got in touch and wanted a job and I gave her the bread ice run before I saw your post, but I have another important job I need some one to go to Panther Cycles and pick up a prize for the raffle the bloke to see us Dave Richardson can you take care of it for me?
Then if you have time to hang around a bit and help with BBQ that would be great but don't stress we have a few people on board Smiling
cheers kingy 47357872

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