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Ground Effect Slush Fund.

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By The Brown Hornet - Posted on 20 January 2011

I sent an email to the Ground Effect Slush Fund in regards to gaining some funding to help with the work that will hopefully start soonish at Knapsack Reserve. Here is the reply:


I've been having a good snoop around your website! Sounds like a project worthy of some slush fund assistance, our pet hate is when tracks get closed and they riding access for an area takes a huge step back.

So yep, we'll help you out when the time comes to lay down or fix some trails. We like to buy actual stuff rather than just handing out cash. We end up buying a lot of tools, construction materials, signage, machine hire, dirt deliveries etc. We cap any one project at $1000

We also have a couple of handy books available


They really are fantastic for ensuring the trails will age gracefully without requiring constant upkeep.

Good luck in your quest, and no doubt we'll hear from you when the work gets underway!


What a top bunch of guys!

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Fantastic, the New Zealanders are a good bunch of people.

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Damn well done JP.... that's an easy bit of money!.. especially compared to the effort Kingy went through hawking all that water!

If we could get copies of the books that would also be good... my copy of the IMBA book is slowly doing the rounds so another copy for the "library" would be excellent so more could read.

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Good stuff JP

I've been looking around for some new shorts too.

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Good Job JP,

The Website is representing us well!
Top effort following up mate!

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I think it was those photos of Vince and Gus at the BBQ that sealed it

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Makes me feel good about all that money I have spent on Ground Effects gear over the years.

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Same here O Curly One! I just bought the missus some Tom Thumbs and she loves them. My lightweight rain jacket (The Phantom, I think) is still going strong after many, many years of commuting, and the socks and jerseys we have are all grouse.

So not only great kit but great folk too!

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I'm with Andy, and reckon it was because of the photos of me and Vinno

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You top fella you!..yeah i'm a big fan of ground effect shorts as well!
I also like the idea of money for tools instead of tossing money at a project that could end up anywhere, at least money for tools etc is visible and will be used!

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Despite their hometown copping the jandal off Mother Nature, Mark from Ground Effect has sent out the 2 books as promised.

"Natural Surface trail by Design" and the IMBA "Trail Solutions".

A million thanks again to Ground Effect for some top notch support. More to come when the Knapsack project takes off.

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in the mail this week, I will make sure to buy some of their gear!

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That little Ground Effect catalogue is great. Nice picture of places you'd rather be and their gear looks cool too.

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