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BMORC meets with NPWS

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By ChopStiR - Posted on 20 April 2011

Last week BMORC reps met with Tina from NPWS to talk about the existing Oaks Single track (aka Twitter Trail), how to improve on safety and erosion control.

It was decided that our first priority would be pruning back the eye whipping branches. This improves user safety. The rider will be able to keep an eye on where they are going with an improved line of sight and not need to keep ducking.

BMORC will be assembling a small team of volunteers to work with NPWS.

There are many items on the agenda and future discussions will be taking place.

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Hey Chopstir, keep me posted about when you need a hand up there, as I am happy to help out if I can, and it would be great to do some basic maintenance on that single track.

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Rapt to be involved, can't wait for the work day!

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You can add me to helper list.

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Nice work guys.

It is pleasing that we have a good relationship with the NPWS.

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+1 for a helping hand.

Good work on being proactive and identifying problem areas to the Rangers. Its a Win Win, as riders get a safer track, and we repair and more importantly stop any further damage from water run off.

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This is great news... I look forward to this work.

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Any chance of a few berms and doubles in there for fun Smiling

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maybe 2 close water bars

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