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Downhill article in Penrith Press

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By deadparrot - Posted on 16 April 2011

In today's Penrith Press -

NATIONAL mountain bike champion Danielle Beecroft has been forced to travel to the Central Coast to train after the closure of downhill bike tracks at East Blaxland and Mt Riverview.

The 16-year-old from Londonderry won the under-17 4X and open pump track events at the national titles last month.

But travelling to Gosford on a weekly basis does have its downfalls.

“I’m devastated because it was so easy to go and train up there (in the Lower Mountains) all the time,” Beecroft said.

and also about the trails

Western Sydney Mountain Bike Club downhill vice-president Steve Humphreys said the decision was made too hastily by Blue Mountains Council.

“The council made the decision based on an illegal track made by some minors after a group of residents protested,” Humphreys said.

“There are no legal tracks in the Blue Mountains Council area for riders to train. It has very much affected riders and rangers are now getting quite active and fining riders who are caught in the areas.

“Riders such as Nathan Rennie and Luke Strom, who are world-class riders, honed their skills on the Old Bathurst Rd track.

Full story here:

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Top chick and damn fast. Good to see her back on top after an injury or two last year and even better to see da media picking up positive mtb stories.

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It's great GPS see that BMORC have got a positive mention. I don't agree with the residents being concerned with the threatened vegetation though.

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I wait, I watch!

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Good to see this getting some local press.

To some of the detractors I can imagine it seems like this would just be affecting a few ratbags and morons in utes but it does affect a lot of valid sports people as well.

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Australian 16 year old Downhill Mountain biking sensation Danielle BEECROFT
from Londonderry Sydney came 4th in the Canadian Pro Women's Downhill Mountain Bike Race
today at the "Crankwork Spectacular" in Whistler, Canada, one of the toughest and
challenging Tracks in the World.

A magnificent achievement from a 16 year old up against the World's best women.

Results as follows : Pro Women -
1. 232 Atherton Rachel GBR Animal Commencal 3:34.45 +0.00
2. 238 Buchar Claire CAN Kovarik Racing 3:38.75 +4.30
3. 236 Miller Miranda CAN SRAM/Santa Cruz 3:50.75 +16.30
4. 252 Beecroft Danielle AUS Craftworks Bikes 4:12.87 +38.42
5. 260 Schneider Adrienne USA Troy Lee Designs 4:51.52 +1:17.07

Conditions were muddy, slippery, wet and extremely dangerous for all competitors.

Congratulations Danielle ... imagine if she had somewhere local to train on.

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That's always great to see. Good work!

...a local trail would be a good training assistance.

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Such a great result for Danielle, great to see!! Here is hoping soon there will be a local spot she can do practice runs on!!!!

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Training today with Danielle at Knapsack me up with Bob who we met at the BBQ day with residents we stopped and yielded the trail, I think we need to sign post this track as shared use in case we run into walkers. Thoughts?

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Well if the DH gets approved it will be closed to walkers and be the one piece on not shared use trail. If it doesn't get approved then I don't know what will happen as it will still be legal in its current setup... maybe that could be our money used for some signage of it with warnings?

It might be worth putting up some temporary BMORC laminated signs just giving a warning of the shared use and maybe showing a map of the alternate trail that goes up the hill that will be for walker only. Will broach the subject with Matthew.

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If its not approved then the search continues. An Alternative site was agreed by all councillors in 2009 as well as residents opposed.

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