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Mitchells Pass Gate Closure

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By Kingy - Posted on 21 April 2011

G'Day riders,

Today at 5pm Blue Mountains Gazette will be reporting on the installation of the gates at the mid point on the Mitchells Pass.
Micheal Cleggit from the gazzette has requested a few riders to attend to be in a photo to appear in the paper.
If you are able to make it that would be great, no gaurentee that you will be in the photo as he only needs 3 but if it is oversubscribed then that's not a bad thing.
Many Thanks

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Also noticed that Mitchell's Pass is mentioned in BMCC business paper for next week.

Here's a snippet.
"The closure of Mitchell’s Pass Road to public access for safety reasons applies to all forms
of traffic, including cyclists, and any cyclist using this section of road may be fined for doing
so. The barriers and warning signage now in place provides sufficient advance warning to
cyclists and other traffic approaching the barricades."

Edit. Just a bit more info from the business paper.
"Mitchell’s Pass Road is closed to public access, east of Lennox Bridge, as per Section 115 of
the Roads Act 1993 and therefore public access to this area is prohibited. Warning signage,
locked gates and barriers are in place to prevent unauthorised access, whilst allowing access
for emergency services and essential infrastructure maintenance. Due to the risk to the
public and subsequent closure of the road access to the area by cyclists is not considered

Work is on schedule for the re-opening of Mitchell’s Pass Road in late September 2011."

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Are they serious about no cyclist? But let me guess you are allowed to walk there?? Is BMCC just opposed to all cyclist????

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The road is closed to all traffic. So that includes pedestrians.

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How do they intent to police that, and why would they close it?? Is it to do with them working on it so during the construction it is closed to all traffic?

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I would think that it's more to do with public liability, they would want to get sued if a rock fell on someone, slim chance of that though.

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I understand the whole liability thing, but how the f#*k do they expect people to get from Blaxland to Emu Plains and back in one piece? The only other 2 options are shit! Lappo hill with no shoulder and 90 kms/hr or Old Bathurst Rd with no shoulder. I'm happy to chug up Old bathurst but I will be taking the lane, and there will be a looooong line of cars behind me. Just what people want as they are trying to get home at 5:30 in the afternoon.

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Aren't there a couple of fire trail links between Mt Riverview and Emu Plains - and a downhill track at Lapstone????

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The rest are fire trails

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I hear you brother! I personally would like to see Mitchells Pass closed permanently to regular traffic.

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Once they fix it we won't be using it anyway as it will be open to cars one way again. Much as we hate it it will be back to the old days. At least riding MTB's means we can still use other ways up away from the road.

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Riding down will still be OK, but I sure will miss riding up.

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Dont forget to contact the councillors to express your concerns.

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This was up at the meeting on Tuesday night later on. We all had left and were talking to the escarpment conservation representatives so we didn't see the vote. It was item 19 in the business paper and the write up from council wasn't good for it.

The minutes aren't out as yet from the meeting but I don't think the vote will have gone in a positive way for riders.

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