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Status of what is happening with Knapsack....

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By moggio - Posted on 16 June 2011

There haven't been many updates on what is happening at Knapsack with council. Sadly we have just been waiting on the environmental assessment or REF report that was called for in the December Council meeting.

The REF report basically looks at where the proposed trails are and then assesses the effect the trail will have on that area. So if you have noticed while riding at Knapsack pink tape tied up in various places these mark out proposed realignment of the DH track and the extra XC links.

The REF report is being done independantly from the council staff so that it is robust as it is sure to be closely scrutinised. Currently the councillors have been briefed on it and it is still to be finalised pending a few issues being handled and discussed between staff and the independant consultants.

This is taking time coupled with the fact that this area of council is currently understaffed and for this issue especially after the departure of Soren so people are stretched a bit thin.

The REF report should be finalised very soon.

When it is finalised the report will go up on the BMCC website as well as there being another public consultation phase. This consultation may be held on site at Knapsack this time which would add a lot of depth to the discussion rather than just looking at computer printouts.

After this community consultation is another business paper report by staff in preperation for the council meeting where it will be voted on by the councillors.

So hopefully this has filled anyone in on what is happening. This is still moving forward but this stage of the process is sadly one that we can have very little influence on.

If anyone has any questions please feel free to ask either in the thread or to PM me.

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Thanks for the extensive update, albeit still frustrating that it will now be likely that we are still several months away from any real progress where we can start fixing and building trails to standards that will make them sustainable.

I have contacted council through sending an e-mail to find out where the progress is up to and have had a similar response to the issues you highlighted. Notwithstanding if you anyone else is frustrated with the progress let people know, and sent them an e-mail or letter.

Meanwhile I am going to dig some tracks with a Council over the mountains who have approved and are supportive of the Downhill Track that we are going to build.

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