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REF Report is back... So, what's next?!

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By moggio - Posted on 24 June 2011

Well the REF report is back with council staff with apparently no issues of too great a significance. This will go to council at the next meeting on the 19th July after which will be the community consultation stage and the REF report itself will be posted up on the BMCC website. After that will be the next council meeting, probably 20th September for the final vote on it.

Of course as this is a political issue, how this report is used by councillors to make their decision and how they therefore vote is what is critical and unpredictable.

Personally I really look forward to being able to finally see this report when it eventually goes public.

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Thanks for staying on top of this Mark. Good to see the process is still ticking over and not stalled in Council. Having an REF public that isn't too negative about the activity of mountain biking will be a huge advocacy tool. A point of reference for every furture conversation.

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Will be good when we can actually see / read the report.

Although, I understand the need for staff to follow due process and be impartial, kinda frustrating not having the detail after so long and the amount of effort you guys have put in. I know we need to have more patience, and trust them as the experts.

Hopefully this could be a good opportunity to work more closely with the Blue Mountains Conservation Society as they seem to have a good knowledge base and could likely teach us quite a bit ... bit similar to our involvement in Yellowmundee and the Oaks as the rangers have been great with sharing their knowledge.

Time will tell I guess

Thanks for the update Mark and keeping in touch with staff.

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Thanks for the update, and good to hear that it is finally moving along, albeit slowly.

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Good news, Can't wait to read it!!!

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I just wanted to ring the bell and let you know I was here.

So, whats next? Am I missing something as this 'project' has not been discussed in 16 weeks?

I attended Knapsack Park recently and was overwhelmed that I was unaware of trails in the area. I didn't know there was a DH track there but I am now keen to go and check it out.

What else is happening at BMORC home ground?

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Well Marto things move in very slow motion when reports have to be generated by various gov departments. We should have put some updates but there weren't any.

The REF came back and was pretty much all clear but it was sent by councillors for commonwealth assessment. That should be back at council any day now where another report will be created by staff recomending the trails if the commonwealth assessment is positive.

We are currently expecting this report to and recommendations to go before the council meeting on the 21st Feb.

In theory if the commonwealth assessment is all clear, which we are quietly confident of at this stage then, the recommendations should pass through council easily. The primary objectors to this proposal were the ones who could for this independant assessment, so really they should stand by the decision they called for.

So if its passed then we should be organising build and regeneration days in autumn... fingers crossed.

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Thanks for the quick reply.

Commonwealth assessment?!? Gee...

Someone must have read the fine print that outlines the 10 terawatt nuclear power station that is proposed for the site.

Well thanks for all your help on this one, if you need numbers at the 21 Feb meeting let me know.

Maybe I could continually ride down the stairs out the front of the council meeting to demonstrate a requirement for the track and maybe even raise some interest. LOL

How about in the next census we could all put 'off road cycling' in the Religion box. This might lend our community some much needed legitimacy. ;P

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Actually its a cyclotron for manufacture of plutonium... but I think we sneaked that one through!

I think the realisation that there are a lot of riders out there who are pretty serious is getting through... slowly.

If this does pass I think what will be very important is that we get people along behind tools. The more we get to do the slave work the quicker any tracks will become trails and the value of all this effort will actually become something real.

I think BMORC will also need to recruite some more people prepared to handle various new tasks.

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* raises one hand whilst reaching for shovel.

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Yeah I am assuming that if we get the green light for digging there will be much greater interest from riders to pitch in. Much more interesting, satisfying and fun.

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I'm keen to shovel.

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Pencil me in for shoveling too. Will there be beer?

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I'd say not while shovelling due to legal reasons and stuff that we will need to meet, but after at the unoffical offices of BMORC at the Lapo most probably.

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