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Top day with great people

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By Chuck - Posted on 26 June 2011

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Must say I was happy to go under the 60 minute mark considering I rode the same way I like to ride every other ride. Cruising!!!!! With weather like we had today it would have ruined the day if I rode any other way.

Well done to the guys that went out fast, hope you got the times you wanted.

The ride out home was the best part of the day for me. JP, Gilbo, Moggio, deBloot, Blkfoz and I rode back to Glenbrook via the old exit and then we hit the single track before we dropped into the Bakehouse for a pie. From there ChopStir and Grant joined me for the last leg and we hit up a bit more of my local sniggle before calling it a day. Thanks for the ride(s) today guys!

Highlight of the day was Hathill wearing lycra.

See you on the trails!!

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Lucky I found my pants down at Euroka then...

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I can verify Michael was cruising... good time considering your level of effort which looked pretty damn minimal. If you bothered trying you could cut a few minutes off that and if you stopped talking a bit more too Smiling... but wtf more fun this way.

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