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All Recommendations Supported at BMCC Meeting

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By moggio - Posted on 19 July 2011

A really interesting night where the recommendations were passed unanimously. There was no discussion from the councilors on the issue either. So all good news.

So there will be the community consultation meeting on the 7th of August at Knapsack Park and then the final council meeting on the 11th of October which will be the big vote and likely to be a little more complex .

When I spoke tonight I really tried to get across the idea of positive communication being able to get to the real issues and understanding each sides issues (yeah makes me sound like a 10th rate Bono.)

What was most interesting is Paul and I finally had a good opportunity to have a long discussion with the people from the Blue Mountains Escarpment Protection Group and the Emu Heights Escarpment Protection Group. I think this discussion was more useful and interesting than what was said in the addresses to council (though Trevor from the EHEPG asked some good questions for council to answer).

What is interesting now I think is we are all past a stage where there are silly peripheral issues, I think now if there are objections they are valid questions that need to be addressed and worked through so that we do get a really solid result that all parties can be satisfied with.

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Good job fellas and also a good first step in hopefully mending some bridges.

With some new glasses, I reckon your a cracker for a Bono ... or was it Elvis to the Max Smiling

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great result, great news and sorry I could not get there, but I will make myself available for 7th August and I'll be at the meeting on the 11th October for sure!.

Once again great job, Kingy, Moggio etc. it sounds like we are heading in the right direction.

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Sounds quite positive. Can someone put up a calendar entry and some information about that 7th August meeting? Is this something where rider numbers would be helpful?

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