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Oaks Single Track Upgrade - BMORC meeting with NPWS

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By ChopStiR - Posted on 17 August 2011

BMORC reps met with NPWS project managers to disscuss the Oaks trail.

A 3 year plan is being set in motion to upgrade the Glenbrook precinct. NPWS staff sought input from BMORC on how to improve the oaks trail and make it more sustainable and enjoyable for riders. Currently due to the layout of the trail beginner riders and those less familiar with the trail are often pushed to the road.

The trail was first approved so as to separate cyclists and motor vehicles. BMORC reps essentially covered the basics of IMBA guidelines, focusing on both erosion minimisation and also trail flow so that both beginner and experienced riders can share the trail and still gain the riding experience that they are capable off.

A good walk and talk was had and in 6 months the NPWS managers will be comimg back to us with a planned propsal. For the Interim volunteers will be fixing the puddle prone areas.

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Great stuff Tim!!

Sorry I couldn't be there the other day, was just too busy.

Do you know what type of things they might be looking at doing, I would assume a lot of the discussion was about the eroded section at the end?

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For the eroded section they said an outside contractor is an option, so is calling in a professional trail builder like World trail to give a plan and opinion or maybe they will advertise for tenders. This is something they will be working out in the next 6 months. They gave the impression that they would prefer to repair the existing rather than realigning. But if a contractor said they would be better off realigning, NPWS will fully investigate it as an option, this will also include an REF.

They plan to get alot more data over the next 6 months like the amount of users and the demographic.

A key importance over the entire length of track was water management. Part of the plan is to work out what sections can be repaired by vollies, what can be done by NPWS and what can be done by professionals.

We put forward the idea of A&B lines to cater for beginners and advanced riders, this also creates overtaking oppurtunities. They stated that this will also be looked at.

Most intesting Question of the day was what advances do you see with mountain biking in the next 10 years? example. Will riders be using electric motors? Will downhill pedalling store energy to assist with climbing?

My opinion was that if its available there will be users, but it goes against what mountain biking is and that the majority would refuse to use it.

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