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By BM Epic - Posted on 20 August 2011

Sunday, 28 August, 2011 - 09:30

The meeting times are 'ready to ride'. If you need time to prepare equipment then please arrive a few minutes earlier.

4 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
If it's raining, I won't be there.
Ride Database Entry: 
Mount York
Meeting Point: 

Mt York Road, in Mount Victoria. You could probably park anywhere along here, and there's a decent sized area (with camping I believe) at the end of this road. That said, the junction with Berghoffer Drive/Lockyers seems the most sensible suggestion.

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Well guys, it is time to saddle up and head out on a nice cruisy ride at altitude, Andrei has suggested that his Corsair and my Evo need a hitout, i'm sure you guys bikes do too!!
So the plan is to do Lockyers out and back, then if time permits, we go down Cox's and back up Lawsons long alley, during this time we shall stop and partake in sessioning of harder stuff, and the obligatory photos etc...So lets do it brothers, and sisiters!!, and it is bmorcers only!!!!
Lets meet in the car park at the top of berghoffers and have a cracker!!!!

Who's in?
Andy Bloot, Pedalgogy, Chuck, ChopStiR, Ian_A, BM Epic, Andrei74, J the B, bushpilot, missvictoria (10 riders)
Andy Bloot Pedalgogy Chuck ChopStiR Ian_A BM Epic Andrei74 J the B bushpilot missvictoria
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moggio's picture

Damn, I'll be up in Taree riding that weekend Sad

BM Epic's picture

grrrrrr!, your hard to catch Mark!

ChopStiR's picture

I'll book myself in, i should be able to make it. Plus hopefully I will have a new RockShox reverb seat post to test out!

The Brown Hornet's picture

I'll try get there but a wedding on Saturday followed by work on Saturday night may be the end of me!

Andrei74's picture

Should be a goer, not looking forward to the climb up tho Sticking out tongue

Chuck's picture

I wonder if Hathill will make it? He might be off doing his secret high altitude hill training instead. Smiling

This climb sounds like it will be good.

BM Epic's picture

No climbing up berghoffers mate, meet up the top, but the climb up lockyers and the climb up lawsons will be fun!
Yeah i made it bmorc only because there is no other option!

BM Epic's picture

So guys, the reason this ride is bmorc only is for all of us who know each other can get together and do our ride that we all talked about doing every couple of months.
Apparently some people dont like that its bmorc only, but it is very social and we are all friends from way back, and we are definitely NOT doing this ride for any heroics etc!
So to clarify, this is just a social ride for all of us whom are friends!

Ian_A's picture

Add Craig to the list too. Ill have to get you to tell me where to park Todd - talk to you during the week.

J the B's picture

Bike's fixed again, so I'll definitely be there.

bushpilot's picture

I've listed as in and barring any acts of God or the Missus I shall be there, the stumpy has been naughty and must be punished...........he he.

Andy Bloot's picture

Gilbo and I have cleared our calenders
And making the trip to the high country
So polish those forks Todd
I want to caress that Kashima

@ Rawhide Jimmy
Rode that berm for the first time today

hathill's picture

Soooooooooo jealous I'm not up there.
Hope you all had a blast and I'll catch up on the next one!
Back to the secret high altitude training for me. Sad

missvictoria's picture

This was my first BMORC ride. Nice to meet you all, although a few familiar faces......thanks for making me feel so welcome. Hope I didn't hold you all up too much Smiling

BM Epic's picture

Great turnout today ladies and gentlemen, some wicked highlights, seeing Jim ride the stair chute in super smooth fashion, having vicky come out amongst all us ugly brutes and only knowing one person( that in itself is brave), watching Jim get out of an over the bars at cox's, watching Craig ballride not once but twice, i suppose thats why you have two of them!, lastly it was great seeing all the adrenalin charged faces at the bottom of cox's, now that was fun!..Also Andrei's bike porn..grrrrrr!!!!, and you wont wake up with my 36's..haha!
Thanks everybody!

Andrei74's picture

Yeah top ride everyone. Bigups to Vicky, and also to Chuck for stepping out of his comfort zone on some of those most wicked descents. Time to order a new set of brakepads too. I don't know about the rest of you but I'm completely rooted Smiling

Must do it again soon!

Andy Bloot's picture

Awesome day and heaps of fun
And a few clenched bottom moments to boot lol

Great to see our first female bmorcer along for a ride
Hopefully more in the future
We're hairy mountain brutes, but quite friendly really

J the B's picture

Thanks everyone. For all round fun, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better pair of trails.

I've done Lockyer's scores of times, but what I really want to know is, why has it taken me ten years to get back onto Cox's? Admittedly, the first time I rode it was on a hardtail with one-inch suspension, but that memory should be no excuse. I hereby vow to give that trail some of the attention that its friendlier sibling has been hogging.

Speaking of suspension, how did those new forks of yours go, Todd?

Highlight of the day: blindly running a few dicey lines and not paying the consequences.

Entertainment of the day: watching Craig test run the stair-bypass, by bailing out at the first drop-off and sending his bike down without him. The Remedy did a couple of cartwheels and landed nicely on its wheels, so I reckon it must get a bit of practice at that sort of thing...

"Ahhh" moment of the day: sitting in the sunny Mt Vic beergarden after the ride with Ian and Craig and a refreshing ale.

BM Epic's picture

Forks were fantastic, shake my head at how good they feel, despite me feeling wretched, i really love how they handle techy stuff, definitely worth getting, despite the price!

Chuck's picture

What a great day for a ride. Really enjoyed the day and company. Watching you crazy people ride down some of those steep sections was a highlight. Will post some video in the next few days.

See you all on the next ride!!. Smiling

Andy Bloot's picture

Coxs' is especially awesome
It seemed so steep on the way back up (pushing our bikes)
I think I enjoyed it more than the other, but both together is killer

Next time you give it some attention
On the way back up we came up a nice rocky section section that cuts out the stairs
Looks like much more fun
You take the right fork at the beginning

Flynny's picture

The "Coxes alternate" gully, ie right fork that andy mentions is the way riders are suppose to go under the PoM. I thought they were going to put up signs?

Andy Bloot's picture

Didn't notice any signs either time
But may have had other things to concentrate on
The right fork is better anyway

BM Epic's picture

Yeah Craig, there was a sign, but we didn't notice any bike signs though, what a great descent it is, sooo much fun!

ChopStiR's picture

There was signs at either end reading "Cox's Alternative". But there was nothing about which way bikes are supposed to go. My guess is council dont really want to advertise that bikes can go down there.

Flynny's picture

It is in the PoM that bikes are A.O.K. it went through a fairly long consultation phaze which I was a part of.

BMCC were awesome, you guys don't know how good you have it even with the delays at Knapsack. But it's all there and OKed They put in a fair bit of work cleaning up the trails after it all went through. TBH I've never looked for signs either.

BM Epic's picture

I am thinking a night run down cox's would be an awesome thing, soo much fun!

Flynny's picture

we've got a night ride planned for the 4th tuesday in september Todd Shocked)

Ian_A's picture

Fantastic ride guys.
Will definately head back up soon.
Good company, good riding, and a nice beer and burger after

Matt P's picture

So when can us city plebs join you??

Brian's picture

My thoughts exactly. Looks awesome in the pics.

Chuck's picture

The ride is in the database. It's fairly well sign posted compared to what we mostly have. ie nothing, if only with walking symbols and it's not to hard to find your way around. Mt York has a few visitors, mostly climbing.

It's all great in it's own way, just be prepared to climb slowly and/or push your hike.

Ian_A's picture
moggio's picture

The Flynny night runs are great up there... I may go for that one.

J the B's picture

>> So when can us city plebs join you??

This last ride was a BMORC Social. Essentially, every couple of months about a dozen friends get together for a social ride. We like to limit the number to around a dozen, as often there's more talking than riding and if there were more mouths to talk we'd never get out of the car park...

Mt York is pretty much my local, so I often duck out there on a whim. If you can handle late notice, I'll post up the ride next time I head out there.

Chuck's picture

Yeah, more talking than I could handle. Ha ha ha, not likely. Smiling

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