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Fun one

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By Flynny - Posted on 19 October 2011

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.
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2011-12 CTMBC Twilight #5
Did not finish
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A grade (3 laps)
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A good strong roll up for this one. Looks like as day light increases so does rider numbers.

Just before the start I realised I had gotten oil on my pads. The rear was doing nothing, the front was best described as a speed retardation device.

For once I got in a small warm up and after the last couple of weeks of sprinting off the start and blowing up halfway around the first lap I tried to settle down on the start and build into it.

I Hit the single track behind Poppo and Barnsie but as we climbed up toward the show ground I resisted the urge to sprint after them and just settled into my own rhythm.

I was expecting Brett to pass but he was having bike issues too.

The run down behind the dump was great fun, front brakes were starting to work as they burnt the oil off. I was keeping the front runners in sight without busting my gut but they begun to pull away on the climb.

Brett, Paul and Richard weren't far behind either.

Was loving the Ersberg section as we swooped up toward the Digs.

Popped out on to the fire rd and I could still see Barnsie and Poppo wasn't too far in front. So I begin to lift the effort

Caught Barnsie just before the finish on lap 1 but had not chance of catching Poppo and we held those positions right to the end

Not sure how my new tactic went. Definitely felt better at the end and wasn't so rooted today but i don't think my over all time was any different

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Hi Mate

I was just wondering if you have any info on downhill racing in NSW.I am keen to start racing,but am finding it hard to find any info on it.I live in NSW but am happy to travel.Any help would be great.

Thanks Stephen

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That was a Xc write up and not sure I can tell you anything that hasn't been said in your other thread but, and

are the spots to keep your eye on for DH. Where you at. Central coast Ourimbah, West Sydney and Hunter would be the 3 most active DH clubs at the moment

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