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Blue Mountains Gazette - "Penrith mayor 'happy' to consider cycleway"

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By moggio - Posted on 30 November 2011

Article in the gazette about the progress on the plan for a cycleway up the hill. I know this isn't off-road, but it is something a lot of riders could use in their day to day life.

Penrith Mayor Greg Davies said he was happy to work alongside Blue Mountains City Council (BMCC) on plans for a cycleway from Lapstone to Leonay.

Preliminary discussions have been held between Penrith City Council and BMCC since the proposal was put forward by Blue Mountains Mayor Daniel Myles and Deputy Mayor Mark Greenhill earlier this month.

While Clr Davies said he had yet to speak to local representatives on the issue, a meeting attended by a Penrith City Council traffic engineer had been held and work was under way to cost the proposal.

“We have had some preliminary discussions,” Clr Davies told the Gazette.

“[We are] looking at a number of options. Blue Mountains City Council was going to take them away and come back with costings.

“We have not dealt with it as a council, however.”

The issue of a cycleway in the Lower Mountains was raised following a failed attempt by Greens councillor Howard McCallum to have investigations conducted into keeping Mitchells Pass closed to vehicular traffic, except in emergencies, at the November 1 council meeting.

Local cyclists said it was becoming increasingly dangerous to cycle in the area, and had welcomed Clr McCallum’s suggestion.

As an alternative, Clrs Myles and Greenhill wrote to Clr Davies over the possibility of locating a cycleway from behind Lapstone train station to Sylvan Place in Leonay on land within the Penrith Local Government Area (LGA).

Clr Davies said he was happy to consider the proposal.

“We are happy to work with council if something that’s going to be of benefit comes out of it,” he said.

“I can’t say we’ll go ahead or not, I don’t know what it’s going to cost and we haven’t done any local consultation with it.

“I’m not ruling it out, we need to know what it’s going to cost and where it’s going to go, then we need to consult with our constituents.

“If we can work with Blue Mountains and get benefit to residents of both Penrith and the Blue Mountains, I am happy to work on that.”

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Probably a good idea to start submitting some suggestions for a best route. I know there has been some suggested routes from BMORCers sent in.

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I take it, its the current fire trail up from Leonay.

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It is Char. A fair bit of work will need to be done to get it up to an acceptable standard for all types of cyclists. It would be an incredibly roundabout way to get down the mountain, and would probably add in the vicinity of 20-30 minutes to a commute, but beggars can't be choosers! I'd happily take it.

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I have some alternative ideas I will draw up and send in.

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While I can see this a great easy way for me to cycle to Penrith, I just can't see the daily commuters using it.

Here's a alternative I sent to Mark Greenhill and Howard McCullum a few weeks back.

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Good option Chuck. It has a steep hill to finish on, up to the Air Force base but it is more direct. What was the feedback from Greenhill?

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Definitely a more direct route, and probably more convenient for most cyclists heading down the mountian.

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Mr Curly. Both Mark and Howard replied thanking me for the information and that they'll pass it on to the Major for consideration.

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That's good because I think looking on that side of the GWH is going to give a much better solution.

Hopefully if this plan gains momentum.. or really if enough people keep on their case about, then there will be input from the riders. Probably good to get involved with people like the "Getting Around in Community Project" GAIC and any road riding clubs etc.

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I'm sure I made a post last night before I went to bed, guess I didn't save it.

Anyway, I emailed my mapped alternatives to Myles, Mccullam, Greenhill and PCC south ward

I also uploaded my image onto google's Picasa for sharing but I'm having trouble with a link. Try this, if it doesn't work I'll make changes to the link or change host later.

Edit: Changed link

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