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Cancelled - Knapsack Ride, BBQ, Info day 27th Nov 2011

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By moggio - Posted on 21 November 2011

Note, this is cancelled due to the weather of the last week. Looks like it will be wet right up to the day as well so things won't get to dry out.

As we get closer to the time where decisions will need to be made, we thought it was time to get people back on their bikes and understanding what the tracks might actually look like, have a bit of a social ride with a potential BBQ.

Whether you've been in deep with the detail or just new and curious as to what's happening then this gathering is for you.

Agenda would be

9.30am ... help setup BBQ
10ish split into groups (DH walk or XC loop)
11ish BBQ and general Q&A on next steps
12 to 1pm finish off and pack

gold coin donation is appreciated.

More discussion in this thread

and check the calendar

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Apologies, given the volume of rain, the update has been cancelled until further notice.

We will attempt again in the New Year, prior to the next BMCC meeting.

Thank you for all the offers of help, much appreciated.

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Yes a reasonable number of riders after the wet, with concerns too of Phytophthora being spread, would make this a little irresponsible to push ahead with.

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