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just fitted a WIDGIT ?

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By gravelgrunt - Posted on 13 January 2012

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

just fitted a 30t widgit to my bike .anyone out there used one before.

very well made and a true built in australia product.

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Been using them for 12 month mate great product have 30t on my 9 speed and a 34t on my 10 speed.I wont be going back to chain rings and front derailers any time soon.

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Do you find yourself running out of gears much? I'm running at 36 t front on a 1 x 9 and would worry about going too much lower than 34 t

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on fire trail/road rides single trail around glenrock and awaba for me its perfect.I'm seeing more bikes around with 1xcombo's seems its catching on

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Is the widgit just a single chain ring with guide? Was thinking it had some sort of magic and couldnt think how it worked until it just dawned on me.

Im thinking this would be good for the single speed conversion im preparing for.

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i find the ratio of the 30t to be perfect for most of perth single track.

must admit it looks cool and gives great ground clearance .

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+1 Mad ground clearance
+1 magic chain retention (best of any I've tried)
+1 looks cool

I've ridden 28t-32t-34t on the front of my trance 1x9 (34t rear) and even at 34t ring found I've very rarely struggled. Mostly when I'm shattered anyway.

28t was great for ground clearance and rock climbing abilities *but* the reduced diameter played havoc with the Maestro system on the Giant. Oh and I occaisionally spun on on fireroads, but was going plenty quick enough.

The real light weight alluminium guides takes a hell of a beating though and can look pretty average after six months of tight technical riding. I'd prefer it to weigh 100g more and be tougher.

*edit* oh look! now they may heavy duty outter rings! Yay!

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I had one for a while, well suited to red hill and a great all round device, but gave me the poos when I was riding longer rides.
I only took it off when i cracked the bike frame and it didnt fit the new frame that had a narrow bb.. I will put it back on a bike again one day..

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They're not really that useful for a single speed conversion, more for 1 x 9, as you don't lose the chain on a SS if you set the tension right. The other downside on a SS is that you can't readily change the front chainring size with a widget, well you can but it's expensive as you need a whole new widget

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If I want a widget up front, should I consider a medium or short cage rear dérailleur? Would it make any difference?

I do quite like the reviews of the new fancy XTR rd. (slightly off topic sorry)

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I ran mine with a medium, seemed a lot more snappy shifting and less chain slap.

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I run a 32 widgit on my Rallon, I have a 32 tooth XT cassette on my heavy duty wheels and a 34 XT cassette on my lighter standard wheels. The 32 is fine for pretty much everywhere I ride. On the dirt I think I might have run out of revs once. For a general do it all bike they are a great option if you don't use granny. Less clutter on the bars, less clutter at cranks, never lose the chain, stainless chainring is near wear proof and the clearance is great. Only prob, if you do bash it, the chain takes the hit rather than the guard, mind you if the guard took the hit, it'd probably start grabbing the chain as it enters and leaves the widgit.

Also play with the chain line, to get the widgit in the middle of the cassette. Makes it heaps quieter.

I run the widgit with a 970 XTR rear mech and a Short cage from a Saint mech. It works a treat. Next to no Chain slap on everything but the gnarliest tech. I don't run ant tubes or anything on he frame either.

Best thing I ever did!

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Been running a 34T with 11-36 casette and it's perfect for Perth trails on my Reign. I met Paul (the inventor) when I was living in QLD and was sold on them ever since. Lighter then a chain guide setup and less friction involved.

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I went 1x9 with a 32tooth, replacing the middle ring exactly as on my 3x9 setup. Mainly went there coz I ordered a med cage rear mech instead of a long by mistake. Love the simplicity, there's nothing to set up, no rollers, guides etc.

I reckon its great. Round glenrock I run an 11-28 and don't really run out of gears. For enduro events switch to an 11-34 for the long slow grinds when I run out of legs. If i need to get below that gear I figure its quicker to walk anyway. Effectively I've lost 2 low gears and two high I think from memory, simplicity of 1x9 makes up for that easily. HAving said that I run in top gear a lot and only want another for the downhills when I should be coasting anyway.

Works well, never lost a chain, only got a little chain suck at Dirt Works in 2011 but conditions were pretty muddy and I don't think anything else would have been better.

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