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My New Crisp CX Bike

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By Tempest - Posted on 13 January 2012

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Here are the pictures of my new CX bike, handmade in Rockingham by Allan Crisp. I am just waiting for the stickers to be printed and the headtube badge to be cut, and then it will be done, but I am very happy!

Frame was delivered to me in raw steel, and I painted it myself. I got very good results using aerosol modelling paint over a good high quality primer. The colours are 'Lime pearl' and Gunmetal. Stickers are going to be in White to match the saddle and bar tape.

The main components are:

Frame: Crisp Custom geometry, Columbus Zona Tubing, Tig Welded.
Fork: Surly Cross Check (very heavy, will replace with a carbon fork soon)
Drivetrain: Shimano 105/Ultegra
Crankset: Sram Rival CX specific (46/39)
Saddle: Fizik Antares Liquigas edition
Bars: Easton EA50
Brakes: Tektro Cantis w/ Cane Creek Cross stop levers (will eventually replace with Avid Shorty's or the Shimano Canti's)

I hope you like it. If you're interested in a new frame, and the factory options are not doing it for you, then give Allan a call. It may not be a lightweight carbon weapon, but it will fit, and you'd be surprised how affordable it can be.

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Very nice. Smiling

Pardon my ignorance, but where do you ride this type of bike? Fire trails or can they go round ourimbah, Appin, etc?

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cant wait to see the action this saturday!

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100km races, off road, commuting etc. You name it!

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I am lucky enough to have a few bikes. Over the years I have acquired a blinged out 26inch dually and a full XTR 10kg 29er hardtail. I also have a very nice carbon roadie, and a classic steel roadie as well. So I don't need a do it all bike.

This bike does not replace any of them. But it falls into the same category as people who buy rigid singlespeeds. Its a return to the grand old days of shitty brakes and arm pump.

But seriously, I will ride it to work, take it on the bunch ride occasionally, cruise around on some light singletrack, and race the club Cyclocross and Dirt crit races on it. I'm even thinking about putting in a CX bike team into the 4 hour. The custom geometry is so comfortable, you didn't even know a bike could be this good.

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Another great looking bike from Crispy....

Nice paint job, really C&V classy. I wish I was flexible enough to handle that saddle to bar drop Shocked

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Love your colour choice, looks a beauty!

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Really love your paint job Greg,

Thanks for trusting me with your frame fabrication as well, I hope you enjoy it for all the effort, passion, and years of skill building that went into making it. Plus a little bit of nice Tubing.

Enjoy Smiling

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Looks great. What wheels and tyres are you using? How would a bike like that go on the Oaks single track? I love the ridged ride when out cruising.

Nice work on the frame Crispy. Smiling

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I previously thought that the whole CX thing was a little nutty but I now think that my next bike will be a CX rig. After beating my carbon roadie up a little over the last 12 months riding to work, I like the idea of something a little more robust that I could also take around Terrey Hills. Not sure that I would race it at all but I guess I said that when I bought my first mountain bike as well!

Great addition to the stable, well done.

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She looks hot. I hope you now have a tow ball bike rack to carry it around on!

I guess we will see how fast she is today.

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Columbus tubing is my favourite.

Did you consider any other tubing?

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Wheels are currently Mavic Aksium's that came on my 2009 Giant TCR. I am aiming to replace them with a nice light set of traditional 32 spoke road wheels like some open pro's or Ambrosio's eventually.

Tyres are just a set of steel beaded Continental Cyclocross Race tyres. I also have a set of Maxxis Larsen Mimo's. As more shops seem to be stocking CX tyres now, I will probably have a go on the Specialized and Schwalbe's as well soon enough.

Wal, I went for colombus tubing because it was easily available from Nova where I also bought my dropouts, braze-ons, and small machined parts. I really like it, but realistically think that Reynolds or Dedaccai would have been equally good. I chose Zona tubing because despite being a little heavier (about 200g more than Paul Aubreys Jonesman frame, made from Spirit), it is stiffer and more robust. I wanted fairly thin tube diameters as well, so that it would have a more classic look and traditional geometry with a horizontal top tube.

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Is this ad over yet?
Nice to know that theres another framebuilder in perth
But stop flogging yourself on the website.

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If you were paying any kind of attention, Jack, you'd notice that Crispy (the guy you're accusing of advertising) has only posted once in this thread. Tempest is just a (very) happy customer.

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Please keep it rolling Smiling I'm pretty interested in this ad.

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Nice to get input from someone with a passion for engineering with knowledge and some interesting things to say?

Keep them coming Crispy!

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I'm interested.

I built a copy of a bob trailer a few years ago but with a 26inch wheel, worked great. It has done 3 trips on the Munda Biddi covering over 1000ks.
It is a bit over engineered therefore it is heavier than it needed to be.
Chrome Moly is very strong.
Really like your creative designs Crispy.

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your ironing board cover needs tightening mate.

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