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Transport Master Plan, Have your say!

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By ChopStiR - Posted on 23 March 2012

The NSW Long Term Transport Master Plan Discussion Paper has been developed to enable you to have your say on the future of transport planning in NSW.

Transport for NSW is now accepting submissions to help in determining the best way to deliver transport services and infrastructure over the next 20 years. The submissions process is part of a wide consultation program which includes forums with key stakeholders in 10 regions and greater Sydney, regular strategy meetings with advisory groups, one on one consultation, an online survey and social media.

Submissions are due by 27 April 2012.

As mountain bikers, this is the best oppertunity to express our concerns about the rising number of cyclists using the weekend train for the purpose of riding the Oaks. I dont want to see cyclists being banned or limited due to large numbers of bikes and a solution needs to be found soon.

Another area that may be of interest to you is the government want to know how they can better promote and encourage walking and cycling as a transport option.

Everything you need to know including the discussion paper itself can be found from the link below. I have added the contact addresses below if you just want to jump to it and have your say!

Send a written submission or letter to:
NSW Long Term Transport Master Plan team
Transport for NSW
GPO Box K659
Haymarket NSW 1240

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Food for thought

Cyclists, Motorists and the Law
An american article discussing equal rights to the road and how it effects cyclists.

The double decker bike trains of LA
Los Angeles are trialing a few converted train carrieages by removing lower deck seats to allow more room for bikes.

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