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Yellomundee Repairs Underway

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By Ray R - Posted on 13 May 2012

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Repairs to the track and surrounding areas at Yellomundee Regional Park (YRP) have kicked off in a big way. This follows the erosion damage caused by the heavy rainfall in Jan-April. On Saturday 12 May 2012, volunteers from WSMTB & BMORC along with NPWS staff and equipment repaired the entrance road areas just off Hawkesbury Rd and into the event carpark. Over 20 tonnes of imported crushed sandstone was used - paid for by WSMTB, and organised by NPWS Ranger Paul Glass. The NPWS bobcat was worked hard all day by Mick Chard (NPWS) - he did a great job.

Other maintenance was done on the loop track below Shaws Farm, and also some of the lead in track to Max's Bridge. Some water bars were added to tracks near the carpark to help prevent future erosion. The carpark was mowed. A BBQ lunch and drinks were provided by WSMTB. The track was prepared for our next XC round on 20 May - all welcome.

Note that the descent to the Trotting Track is still closed due to heavy erosion, and the two bridges over Shaws Ck are gone. This virtually closes all tracks north of Shaws Farm Road. Also, the steep areas around the Tower of Power (up hill from the fire road) are still closed. Please keep off these areas.

Many thanks to the dozen volunteers, and to NPWS for aiding this restoration work. Please think about doing your bit for sustainable tracks next time there is a call for volunteers. Have you done any track work this year? Just one morning a year by every rider would make a huge difference. As the mtb track networks in National Parks increase over the next few years, it will be essential to assist Parks in maintenance.

Ray Rice

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One weekend a year sounds very achievable, no matter how time poor we all are.

Maybe riders who own businesses should think about sponsorship of the club. Once the various surveys have been completed at Yellomundie major work is likely to follow and this will require some funds even with volunteers (not speaking for WSMTB here - just a good guess). The club ticks all the boxes as an association for plenty of businesses; healthy outdoor activity, without the usual association of excessive alcohol consumption and sport; sustainable activity which brings us close to the environment, great for kids and potentially great also for the kids who need it most.

Looking forward to next weekends club round.

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