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1st Work Day at Knapsack Reserve

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By moggio - Posted on 18 June 2012

Well we had our first build day with council on Saturday and despite the dodgy weather and what looked like could have been a washout we had a great turnout and managed to finally get our teeth into the work that needs to be done at Knapsack.

This was in some ways a touching base and learning day. I must say the council people were terrific to work with and very much into the process and getting as much positive work done.

So we firstly removed a lot of lantana, (something BMORCers are getting very adept at) which also enabled the opening up of the trail again behind the ovals. We started rerouting the trail behind there which has been ignored and nearly completely grown over and then closed off the atrocious soggy diversion that was worn in by the runners.

Secondly we put in the first of the required creek crossings which are a requirement of the Commonwealth assessment. This crossing was a slippery mess and no good for walkers or riders while now it is nicely armoured and a feature. Further Erik from BMCC rather than just getting us to do the work made sure we learnt how to build a creek crossing through all stages. We also became much more familiar with the process of working with rock which will be a major requirement for building in the area.

Further two small sections of track were tweaked to fix their muddiness and improve their drainage.

So all in all satisfying and very educational. All the riders were great and really got into the tasks required. BBQ for lunch was awesome too, so thanks for the people who organised that/

Next build day should be in a month and we are looking at starting to attach those 140m or so for the top of the DH track. Currently just a rather ordinary fire trail which have plans to make much more interesting!

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Was there a before shot of the Lantana ?

Thought I'd share some bits I've learnt so far ...

Aside from clearing the trail and slowing the triffid like lantana, there is an environmental flow on effect to BMORC's positive action in Knapsack, that you mountain bikers have produced.

You will notice that there is a lovely and persistent keening of Bell Myna birds in this particular patch of Critically Endangered Ecological Community. You will also notice many of the Trees are dying in this area.

You see the lantana that escaped from the gardens of earlier generations has formed habitat for the Bell Mynas ... allowing them to concentrate in unnaturally high numbers in the area ... Bell Mynas are territorial and pretty much kill or scare off other bird species. Bird species that eat a particular waxy coated bug that likes to feast on the native trees that form the canopy ... so without these insect eaters, the bugs are killing off the trees which reduces the canopy and allows faster growing weed species to make inroads deeper into the reserve ... like the grass from the Soccer oval as an eg.

killing off the lantana removes habitat from the Mynas back to sustainable levels which in turn will allow the insect eaters to come back and help reduce insect infestation of the trees and tree canopy not already affected. A return to a more natural equilibrium if you will, all brought about by allowing people to enjoy a constructive recreational activity.

Mountain bike trails adding to the sustainability of the area they pass through Smiling

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You are correct, my learned friend!

Sadly I have come to associate the call of the Bellbird with weed ridden parcels of bushland on the urban interface that are infested with the results of irresponsible garden plantings and dumping of green waste by homeowners.

And a belated "HAZAA" to the BMORC vollies and council staff for a fine joint effort. Where any other groups present to lend a hand? I would have loved to have joined in but I was working. It's a sad day for everyone when work gets in the way of...other work.

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Good times

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Impressive result!

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