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Knapsack Build Day 11th Aug 2012

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By moggio - Posted on 12 August 2012

Well I think we all had a great day working on this section of track. It started off as a wide and redundant fire trail that was boring to ride and by the end of the day we had converted half to single track and the beginnings of a bushy, technical mountain bike trail.

Firstly a big thanks to the riders who gave their Saturday to working on this. Also big thanks to the council people Trish, Eric, Keiran and Steve for giving up their's too!

Its interesting "building" in reverse by regenerating and narrowing the trail. This creates an interesting line that winds down in a much nicer environment. Then this allows for the technical features that will make it a fast DH section. The technical features at the bottom rerouted the line to traverse lovers walk now and to slow riders while making things interesting.

It also gives the opportunity to add more drainage such that the trail can be locked in so that it won't fall apart.

So next build day here we should be able to complete all the rehabilation to create the line and make sure all the drainage is under control for the whole trail.

Then all the riding features can be incorporated... some hip jumps, rollers, rock gardens and I assume this will be a case of refining things over time.

There was a moment when the trail went from a road to mtb trail that was very exciting.

I think if we could have gone out on Sunday as well everyone would have turned up for that too!

So see you at the next one.

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Nice wrap mate

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You've added kinesthetic diversity to what was a flat boring trail requiring huge drainage sections on the upper reaches and exposed rocky sections at the bottom.

The irony is that kinesthetic diversity or a range of differing movements that forces both riders and walkers to experience more of the undulation of the trail, also serves to minimise the speed and duration of water on the trail. Water sheets off in tangent to each corner or turn, which also adds to the kinesthetic experience of the trail user. Win/Win

Raising the tread via the rock features incorporated not only heightens this kinesthetic and visual diversity and appeal of the trail but also acts as a grade reversal forcing water off the trail or slowing its progress to allow it to sheet off the trail at the corners or drainage features.

The other thing that I like is how you've turned the end of the trail at the fire trail junction to both slow riders and allow for increased visual warning for trail users coming down the crossing fire trail and riders about the cross. good risk management there.

clever design and good vision from the design team. Smiling

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TL;DR Smiling

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Sticking out tongue

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