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Jesmond - Building possible?

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By moad - Posted on 27 August 2012

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

gday, just wondering if it would be legal to do some trail building in the Jesmond/JHH area? There doesn't seem to be too much activity around and I know there has been talk of building the area up.

Do we need approval of some sort? Would it be frowned upon by the community to do some work?

Nothing too major, just tidying up and bulding some berms etc.


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Try contacting the Bushland Services unit at Blackbutt Reserve-they also look after Jesmond Park-also hit up some of the candidates for the council elections about what you think can be done to the area,I am going to.

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The short answer is no.

We have tried multiple angles to get NCC to commit to formalising Jesmond. Despite the telling the GTA and NPWS that they were keen to spread the load from Glenrock, all formal approaches (to the same staff) have been hit with brick walls.

NCC is pretty anti mtb from my experience and even cycling on management trails in Blackbutt is frowned upon. Conflict on those if thrown up, but I often walk them and it is rare to come across others on the majority of them.

By all means fire off enquiries to Council, even better as RobbieO suggests, hit up Councillor candidates, but based on passed experiences don't hold your breath. I think NCC has bigger issues to address at the moment than a few mtb trails.

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Like fig trees...

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Sit tight, I am about to have another go at Jesmond and now have a few contacts who are Councillors.

Lets see how it pans out, but now would be a good time to start pressing the new Councillors.

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Please keep us informed & on how we can help.

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I have been riding up there a couple of times a week (my house is across the road from the area) and there is definitely a lot of potential. There are a few good trails already that are in need of some maintenance and a bit of a rework but are good for what they are.

There is also a lot of crap around that could be rejuvenated with a proper trail setup.

Excited to see where this goes, let me know if there is anything us minions can do!

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Don't think of yourself as a minion.

I'll keep you in the loop as it progresses. Going to let the new council settle in to begin with then go chasing.

Not wrong though, huge amount of potential in Jesmond, just a shame everything follows the fall line.

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Agreed, which is why it gets so rutted out I guess. There is one good trail that goes from the very top of the hill near the hospital and heads around the ridge cutting across the main trails down onto the walking track. There is even a little rock garden section thrown in!

I'll gladly put my hand up to pitch in with any building but I might be getting a little ahead of myself...

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