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Kanangra 50km

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By Ian_A - Posted on 22 October 2012

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Kanangra Classic
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50km Mountain Bike on Sunday 21st October
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This was the 2nd year of the Kanangra Classic and my 2nd attempt at the 50km.
My goal was to stick with Stephen for his 1st lap which I was hoping would be around the 2:20 mark.
About 1-2km in I found Steve's wheel in the 2nd group (maybe 3rd?) and stuck in his group for maybe another 6-7km but just didn't have the legs to stay with them. I dropped off the back and was in no-mans land by myself until almost the 1st turn off (11km mark). Just before the turn a chain caught me but they quickly fell apart on the 1st double track climb.
I rode basically the rest of the race solo, I felt good on the climbs and smashed the descents but didn't perform on the grinding flats going solo.
I felt like I was riding terribly on the flats and couldn't maintain a decent pace - spirits started dropping and I was dirty at myself for losing the group early on. Normally my flat riding is a strength so I was extra dirty on myself.
I came in at 2hr22min, 4min behind Steve's 1st lap.
I should be ecstatic considering I managed 1st in the 20-30 male by 25min and probably 6-8th overall in the 50km but honestly think I could have stayed with that early group and gone under 2:20.
Was still a fun race, stoked on my first category victory, and conditions were much better than last year.
The band at the event centre on Sat night was a good touch too.

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Stunner mate, great result and while carting around a 6/7 inch travel bike, i would say you are ready to tacle the 100's and get into the elite categories!!!
Blue Mountains represent!

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Good one Ian as Tod says thats bloody great on a 6 inch travel bike. Maybe you need to get a shorter travel bike for races like that, just stick to 26 inches.

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Nice ride Ian! Like the others have said, if you rode a more xc orientated bike you would have put a sizable dent in your time.
Once i told you i wanted to move up a bit more and you said you would try hold onto my wheel i didn't look back till the first long hill in the double track expecting you to still be there to have a chat about how fast that pace was and i copped my first cramp only 15k's in. My second lap was continuous cramping which i have never experienced before, i need to do some work before rolling the SS out for the fling in a couple weeks.

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I couldn't match that speed Steve - you're a machine.
Still not ready for the 100km Todd - I would go from being competitive in my category to struggling to finish. The times I've ridden 100km have taken like 6 1/2 hrs. Lumley won the 100km in pretty bang on 4hrs - I could never even get close to 5hrs.
I'd love a more XC orientated bike Vinno just for racing but definately won't be able to get that one past the boss. I've been looking for a cheapish 2nd hand 26" HT frame and fork to build up as a race bike but haven't found anything yet.
Pretty fun smashing the AM rig around though - definately saves the back and makes the descents fun. Mine probably weighs in similar to an entry level XC rig anyway, it's just a bit slack for racing.

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