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WSMTB 4hr round #2

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By Ian_A - Posted on 20 January 2013


Round 2 of the WSMTB 4hr summer series was gearing up to be a good one with probably 3-4x more riders than the 1st round.
Last round I went out too hard and suffered towards the end.
The plan for this race was to get a good start then ease off through the middle and hopefully finish strong. The plan fell to pieces in the first 50m getting stuck in the bottle neck and riding the 1st section below walking pace. It took 2 full laps to actually get any clear air and be able to ride at my own pace. I definitely need to get further up the front for the start I think.
I got the plan back on track and eased off in the middle section and was fairly consistent with my laps.
Got a few cramps toward the back end of the race but less than last time.
I knocked about 7 minutes off my total time and finished in 8th place in the solo category. Not sure about overall.
Thanks to all the organisers and volunteers, again another well organised event. Such a good series, cheap, close to home and the vollies put in so much effort to make it a success.

Edit - forgot to mention; I managed to destroy the RP23 on my Remedy in the week before the race but luckily my wife let me ride her Trance for the day. The bike was great, only real difference was less front tyre grip due to a smaller tyre and higher pressure being tubed instead of tubeless. I didn't want to drop the pressure too much as I was worried about flatting on the rocks.

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Where did you get the results from?

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They're on the WSMTB facebook page. PM me your email and I'll send a pdf if you want.

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Thanks anyway !

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