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By bigred666 - Posted on 23 January 2013

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Just wondering if anybody could tell me some good DH trails. live in newcastle and dont want to go past sydney. ive ridden awaba, ourimbah, mt sugarloaf, and glenrock. i know of killingworth, i just dont know where it is. going to Kincumber MT soon. would appreciate if anybody could get back to me

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Well you are greatly limiting your options by not going to Woollongong! Plenty of brilliant trails there.

Lithgow has two great tracks...

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I could show you what is left at Killingworth. I have been doing some trail work to establish an All Mountain/easy downhill trail that uses some of the old downhill tracks.

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is there any maps of the track? and what condition is it in.
And i dont go past sydney is because im 14 and need my dad to drive me.

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how far north of newcastle would i have to go for decent downhill trails? ive never really considerend going north before and was wondering if its a good option.

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