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kiwarrak xc

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By bigred666 - Posted on 27 February 2013

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

i was thinking of going to kiwarrak to ride. how are the xc trails there and is there a downhill track?

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the downhill is pretty hairy some huge scary gaps but most have B lines fortunately.The guys that build up there have put in loads of fun wooden structures as well,although im not to sure how ridable the place would be with all the rain..

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i have read that the downhill track is just parts of the xc trail linked together. the trails are 'up river, son of skull, daves gully and moab'. is this true or is this just a fun little loop?

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track that runs down alongside the main fire road that runs through the guts of the place.We rode to the top,a bit of a grind but worth it.I dont know the names of the trails but there is plenty in there and you could easily spend a whole weekend exploring in there.

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worth riding the xc as well?

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Oops, he just resigned, didn't he? Laughing out loud

No, you'll hate it. Don't bother. Stay away. It's horrible. You won't like it. Too much climbing.

Sometimes I tell lies.

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I was up there late last year and there of plenty of good XC tracks about the place, well worth the trip. Probably need more than one day to check the place out properly.

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Up near taree right? Great bunch of guys up there in the local club. The tip ridders? I think. Theres a web site, just searh for kiwarrak tip riders. Anyways oodles of stuff to explore, if your into camping, not in this weather, you camp up that way or stay at a close by country retreat and spend a whole weekend riding, oh and drinking beer.

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