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By beetle - Posted on 03 March 2013

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Does anybody know the conditions down there and how it maybe for the race next weekend. Thanks

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Started Thursday afternoon and dumped Friday and Saturday. Track usually drains pretty well except the shady spots. If it eases off this week the track will be beautiful.

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Spoke with the organisers today, track is in good condition,road in and landing strip where the event head quarters is holding up well. Haven't had the same amount of rain as Sydney down there. Unless something drastic happens between now and Sunday, race will be on.
Good fun race to. Hopefully it want be as cold as last year.

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Yeah that's right, last year was about 4 degrees at start and blowing a gale = bloody cold. Hopefully this year will be a bit better. We did it in May though last year, Mother's Day if my scars serve me correctly Smiling

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Forecast for the next few days looks ok... So I just hit the register now button.

The Agogo will get its first race work out !! Woo hoooo Smiling

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The race was moved to May last year which is why it was so cold. The year before it warmed up to around 30 degrees by midday but it was a nice dry 30 degrees. Forecast for the area looks similar maybe a couple of degrees cooler.

Third go at it this year and I want to go under 4 hours 40 for the 75 km. Last year was 5 hours but could not sit due to a new seat. Was also bloody hard pushing into the head wind on the open sections. Racing the old blokes class as they have an over 50 and over class this year.

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