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overnight trips

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By bigred666 - Posted on 15 April 2013

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

so im going away to kiwarrak for the weekend. i don't know of any camping grounds however, and how well do the trails ride if they are wet as it is supposed to rain this weekend.
i will also head over here for a day . it says it has mountain biking guides etc. anybody been there and know how good the rides are, and if there is anywhere else close to kiwarrak that i should check out.


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Get onto these guys great bunch and really passionate about the area. They may even have some rides going that you can go on with them. Sweet single tracks up and around there, you'll have a blast

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Hey bigred. We recently stayed at Old Bar when we rode Kiwarrak. The link below is for Lani's caravan park. Great park and nice location on the beach. It's only a 15 min drive to the Kiwarrak trail head at the tip. Old Bar has plenty of facilities and is nicer than staying in Taree itself imo. Can't help you with the other information, but have fun at Kiwarrak, it's brilliant!


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Camp at purfleet - its just down the road LOL

nah, kidding, go the oldbar option - nice little beachside town

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Old Bar is a very good spot. We were able to find some pretty decent priced apartment type accommodation on the beach that was super nice. So worth looking around as it isn't peak season.

Also there is a pizza place there with some crazy pizza topings that are a lot of fun which is worth checking out.

The trails seem to withstand the wet well as its nice and undulating but you would have to talk to the locals about wet riding policy.

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Hey, the missus and I are also going away for a long weekend, this weekend and intend to ride Kiwarrak for the first time. Fingers crossed for the rain being light on! We're doing the romantic thing and staying at Kiwarrak Country Reteat Really looking forward to hitting the trails around there. One of Hawkeye's favourite trails I gather.

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All this talk of Kiwarrak.........
I'm sitting in the caravan park just on the southern of Taree right now sipping a beer after 7hrs of smashing it around Kiwarrak today! Also had a short night ride out there last night but I got scared by myself and called it a day after an hr or so.
I did OMV and Ourimbah on the way up so I was pretty knackered last night.
A few tracks to make sure you check out;
- River; complete with the big seesaw. It's much easier than it looks.
- Up-River; too big for me but I did hit a few of the smaller gap jumps and its still a cool descent even going around the big jumps.
- Go1 and Go2. Both only short but really fun and you can just ride up the fireroad to session.
- Moab; pretty flowy through the most foresty section.

Some of the tracks are hard to find even with a map but the loops are cool if you just want flowy stuff without the woodwork, jumps and drops. I did the green/purple last night and a just mixed it up today and did everything.
Hopefully the rain holds out for you.

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Sounds like you're in Purfleet...

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BLKFOZ. awesome effort are you on biking holiday?
Hawkeye. Na can't have possibly been Purflett BLKFOZ said he was "sipping" beer.

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sounds like old bar is the best place to stay. thanks

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Nah, I was actually in Taree - just on the other side of the river near the roundabout.

Yeah I did a bit of a riding holiday - cut a little short due to the weather and a collapsed pivot bearing on the bike but I was coming home today anyway. Did another short loop at Kiwarrak this morning - was planning to hit Awaba on the way home but it was raining.

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which track is the seasaw on as it is a must for me to try. and are the tracks signposted well?

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I was waiting for the next thing to break on your bike Ian Smiling

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is on River.

As for maps, go to and click the trail maps link.

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Collapsed a bearing in the suspension rocker Giles - went back to the shop on the way home from Taree as they had just overhauled the suspension pivots. Was sorted pretty quick and I was right to race today in the RT 4hr. Bit of gouging around the bolt head but it seems OK? fingers crossed.........

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stayed at old bar, drove up saturday (in the pooring raing..) but it dried out really quickly on sunday so we rode all day. the seasaw is ALOT and i mean ALOT scarier than it looked in the videos, other than 1 minor stack it was awseome, we also got some riding in monday morning.

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