Linden Ridge

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By ab1981 - Posted on 29 May 2013

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Hi, Just wondering if anyone has ridden Linden Ridge lately? Is it worth doing or is it overgrown and painful to ride?
Thanks, Adam

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Linden ridge fire trail is fine, but if your referring to the single track off the main trail then its officially off limits and too overgrown to ride anyway.

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There are a couple of short singletracks which loop off and back on to the main Linden Ridge fire trail. They are fine.

Additionally the Dawes Ridge firetrail, long since disused hence now singletrack, has benefited from a bit of hazard reduction burning and some light gardening. It would help if it were run & walked a little bit more.

Refer to the topographic map to find it and please note that the area is wilderness and as such requires the lowest impact practices. Ensure your gear and clothes are free from seeds before you go in and leave no waste.

Wear eye protection and long sleeves.

I am aware of discussion elsewhere on forum about the attempt to legalise this track for cycling, and the discussion of wilderness in that regard. Attitude to cycling in wilderness does vary, as does interpretation of the Act.

I have been using the track since back when it was navigable by 4WDs. It's not been formally closed, rather it became disused because it was too dangerous to use it for firefighting.

I cannot see NPWS adopting it as a maintained management trail, no point in pursuing that.

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