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Wollemi overnight ride - suggestions?

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By Martin Geliot - Posted on 20 August 2013

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Any ideas from the brains trust for a Wollemi weekend ride??

We had in mind Putty to Dunns Swamp, however the scope seems a bit much and water perhaps unavailable on the way.

Any ideas for a loop or out-and-back, which involve an overnight camp preferably with water somewhere on the way. We have filtration/purification gear so water that needs that is OK so long as not too scungy.

Old trails would be fine, buff fireroads aren't necessary.

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You'd have to carry all your water for Putty to Dunn's Swamp Martin.

I have a couple of adventures mapped out for that area. All I'm waiting on is for my riding compadre to pull his finger out. They're at work so I'll scope them out tomorrow and let you know.

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Hence my question.

A last resort might be to long line in a cache of water using a helicopter, but that does add to the cost and then there's the issue of removing containers as well.

Thx for asking yer mates Smiling

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buying myself a bob trailer so I an do this sort of thing.

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Putty (Well the Five Ways which is where you can get a 2wd car too) to Dunn Swamp is doable in a day.

There are a few spot to get water if you know where. Most involving a scramble down into the side gullies off the road.

Had a mate do it as a couple of days trip with his kids a while back sourced all his water out there and said the only part where he had trouble was near the old cattle huts.

Another option out of Wollemi and into Gardens of Stone Bungleborrie or Clarence to Capertee and stay over night then return next day via Ben Bullen Gates/Long Swamp. There is a water pump/station at Baal Bone Gap which is about mid way both out and back

The descent into Capertee is part of the Bicentennial National trail but crosses private property so you need to get permission.

There are also lots of side loops waiting to be discovered along the way

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Now that IS useful information, thank you!

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