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Blue Mountains on a cross bike

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By keveddy - Posted on 19 June 2013

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hey guys

Coming up to katoomba from Sydney for the weekend with the missus -Gonna have a few hours to kill on Friday arvo before she arrives and thinking about hitting some trails on the crosser.

Can you recommend any trails that would be particularly fun to ride on a cross bike?



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I have a cross bike and find alot of firetrails are ok. Narrowneck and Mt Hay(butterbox point) are the 2 most local trails to Katoomba and both offer fantastic views. I have done both on the mtn bike but not the cross bike yet. Narrowneck has the best views but also has the steeper climbs with one steep loose section, of course you could always throw the bike over the shoulder. Mt hay has no loose sections as it is open for vehicular traffic, ofcourse this is also a bit of a downside.

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Up for the Winter Magic Festival? Katoomba and surrounds is going to be packed this weekend.

I'd consider Hanging Rock as well as the options Chop gave. Only 10 or so km's west of Katoomba with awesome views. Not technical, it is a nice firetrail.

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The oaks is also an option

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All good tips.yeah, we're up for the festival - the missus is indulging her hippieish tendencies. Eh, whatever. I'll just enjoy the mountain air and whatever riding I can fit in!

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