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Rides 20km or longer

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By AB1990 - Posted on 01 July 2013

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hi All,

I'm very much a Blue Mountains Rider but am getting to a point where I've done the rides I'm doing and getting bored is the wrong word for it but I'm keen to learn about some great tracks that I haven't done for a new challenge In the BM's and outside....I know there are a lot of websites listing these tracks but id love to get someones perspective of how they enjoyed or didn't enjoy the track

Anything over 25-30 km I'd love to know about


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Old North Road is a good place to go for a decent ride and it's not that far from the BM. I'm happy to tag along if you like


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Cheers Geoff, I have been looking at that ride for a while now!.....have you been out to the monastery?

I'm actually going through America for 6 weeks from next week but after that I'll let you know about that ride...Like I said I'm keen to try something more than say Ando's and The Oaks

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P.S I'm loving the Epic!

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Aaron / Geoff,
I've been looking The North Road for a while & would be keen to explore, if you don't mind a mid forties pom tagging along. I generally ride Red Hill, Westleigh & Terrey Hills.

On another note, I have been looking at linking Red Hill - Bobbin Head Rd an beyond possibly via Terrey Hills all on trails if possible. Any tips??.


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No issues there Wade, although ill be unavailable for the next 6-7 weeks which may turn out to be a bit too long of a wait for you esp if you are as hooked as myself...If you do happen to go please let me know how it went!

As for you other question I'm afraid I wont be much help I haven't ridden those trails before....although I have looked at the Red Hill would you rate it?


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but one option would be:

Red Hill (have never ridden there, but I understand that there are ways to get down to Wakehurst Parkway, then along to Deep Ck Reserve, (walk) up Gutterball, Slippery Dip Trail, Morgan Rd Oxford Falls, Wyatt Ave Belrose, Heath Track, Quarry Track, Wildflower Gardens sniggle, St Ives Showground, Wildflower Gardens fire trail through to Phillip Rd, St Ives, Warrimoo Ave, Wanganella Rd, Waipori St, Kapiti St, Darri Track, Glengarry Ave Nth Turra, Bobbin Head Rd, Samuel King Oval, Nth Turra Sniggle, Macrae Pl fire trail, Jubes, fire trail through to Grosvenor Ave Wahroonga, Grosvenor fire trail to the end.
Turn around and do it all backwards (or start off by parking a car at the end of Grosvenor Ave).
If you wanted a bit less climbing, you could turn right at the top of Morgan Rd and go through to the Mona vale Rd / Forest Rd intersection and do the full St Ives sniggle to the Showground.
There are a few other out-and-back or loop options you could add on for a bigger day out if you wanted, but that would be a fair day out once the tracks have dried.

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Have you done Mt York, Hassans Walls, Linden ridge, Faulconbridge Point, Winmalee (Shaw's ridge, Bluegum swamp, Springwood ridge), Narrow Neck, Nepean Lookout, Euroka clearing, Knapsack, Hazelbrook, Yellowmundee........
Outside of the mountains within a short drive you have Mt Annan, Ourimbah, Awaba, Old Man's Valley, Wingello, Great North rd, then all the northern beaches ones......
Post a ride and people should be available to show you around.
Hopefully things are dried out for next weekend........

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My Fingers are crossed for better weather this week for the weekend...If today is anything to go by I think we will be fine....was planning to do the Oaks early sat morning but got washed out sadly so settled with Faulco point Sunday

How do you enjoy Bees nest hill?

I'm spending more time on the Trailflix webpage at work than actual working, trying to find that next ride!...Mogo looks interesting but I almost couldn't pick any further from where I live!

How do you rate Narrowneck? that and the 6ft Track were my planned next rides that I haven't done before


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Haven't convinced the boys to come up and check it out yet, but bicentennial national trail? I believe it's ou near the glow worm tunnels behind zigzag railway?

If anyone wants to check that out, let me know.

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Looks like a fantastic ride! Tell your mates to get there already!!!....That and Wolgan Valley look interesting, should check it out....they look fairly close to one and other as well

If they haven't been convinced until I get back I would check it out for sure

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Newnes plateau has more riding and hidden trails then you can poke a two wheeled pedal powered carbon stick at.

A good ride is the coach rd/glow worm tunnels loop
We did a full loop lithgow-Wolgan return the other week. It's a big haul out of the valley but you can short cut by parking at the coach rd turn off and ride down that and up glow worm tunnel or visa versa

Mt York is great.

Narrow neck is worth doing for the views as is mt banks but IMO are average rides.

Baltza lookout/hanging rock is tops
Six foot track is epic

So many options in the mountains. Just head out and explore. Oh and check out the fat hippy website

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Aaron - Red Hill is a maze of everything you can think of, with not a minutes piece. I generally enter from Cromer Road a short hike n bike to the plateau then its all on.
Single trail, drop/roll offs all skill levels, unreal downhill with technical rocky sections throughout. I ride it when I can, being so close to home it rates high in my book.
Do not expect any sort of real flowy trail, it will beat you up. A good 3 hours and your toast ( well I am ). Defo worth a look and possibly link to Oxford Falls (which I've yet to visit). Id wait about two - three weeks before dry enough after recent rain.

Like any trail you get bored of the same, hence I am looking at the BM for trails. Let me know when feel like trying Red Hill Im sure myself and a few others would be glad to show you around.


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I second Flynny's Newnes plateau option. Spent a looooong day out there a few weeks ago exploring with a mate (after our 2 night adventure of a few months ago was canned). Took the trusty topo maps and old mate had a Garmin 800. I reckon we just scratched the surface of what was on offer.

Hopefully I can scam a leave pass in a few weeks time so I can head back out there. Awesome, epic riding. Me love it long time.

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Newnes. just scratching the surface

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The first ride I would do out of BM is The Great North Road. It's technical, interesting scenery and a bit of everything and can be as long or short as you wish and only about an hour from the foot of the BM (I think... if you go the way I'm thinking). Six foot track would be a fantastic descent, but beyond that it'd be 4km mostly hike a bike coupled with the necessity and hassle of arranging transport, I don't reckon it'd be worth it unless someone were driving to Cox's River...

If you drove to the end of Quarry Road, Dural, you could ride the Quarry Road Track (Berowra Valley in NoBMoB) followed by Old Man's Valley 1km from the Hornsby trackhead, not too far from BMs.

I'm keen to do an all day ride at Newnes myself, but know nothing about it so don't trust me on that, but I may join you if you post a ride there... or anywhere!

Hope my 10cents helps!


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"Six foot track would be a fantastic descent, but beyond that it'd be 4km mostly hike a bike coupled with the necessity and hassle of arranging transport, I don't reckon it'd be worth it unless someone were driving to Cox's River"

Best to do it from the far end. Either get dropped off at Black range and ride through and then out via Megalong to avoid the hike a bike up to Katoomba. or park at Black range and ride out via Lowther fire trail and loop back to the car. Classic

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... seems a few less trees down and a few more rocks on the old rail easement than when I was last there (must be at least 10 years). Have to schedule a day up there again soon. Great to hear the Radio Birdman soundtrack too! Have to get that off my vinyl and onto mp3 so I can put it back into the rotation....

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Thanks lach. Thomas has cleaned a fair bit of the easement up right down to the camp ground + I think mountain sports fixed up the top for the glow worm marathon a few weeks ago

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Great video Flynny! sadly I have no sounds as I'm being a ninja at work whilst watching it

Around Mid August I'd like to organise a trip either GNR or Newnes(esp Newnes!) and whoever has leave from there various loved ones is welcome to come preferable on a Saturday

Ill post a comment around then for all interested

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